Non-Interactive Gameplay

I know the Title doesn’t make sense with What forum we are on. Choice of games. But hear me out.

With the release of Wayhaven, I found myself renewed in my writing purposes and presence here. I found I really enjoyed the small synopsis or as some would call it Prologue, before you are able to even begin the game. I feel like it helped with the vagueness and mystery of the whole detective theme. I’ve been wondering if other stories might possibly implement that as well. I personally enjoyed the little snippet, and the ones that followed between the agents when you weren’t around. I think it gave more narration potential, and a new perspective on the game and your resulting interaction. But maybe it’s just me.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other WIP’s do the same. :thinking:

Can’t recall which ones off the top of my head, though.

Hmm :thinking:, I’ll have to check. SoH did it in the third one.

It’d be pretty dull for the players and time-consuming for the creators to make every scene have a choice

Almost every game on here has certain parts where there aren’t any choices, or at least meaningful ones, designed to provide more context or simply pace the story better. In some cases such as the Hyuga series, your choices barely have much impact on the actual story but are just added flavor

Besides, could you imagine something like Tin Star having a choice in every single scene? That would probably add at least a good few years to the development

My nearly finished game Oedipus Rex has a prologue with only a single choice at the very end of it. The first part of the prologue relates to events in the past and I did it for setting and background like what you’re describing :slight_smile:

@ParrotWatcher’s Countdown to the World’s End (which is a sneak preview, not his current project) starts with a prologue not in the main character’s perspective, which is narrated rather than interactive :thinking:

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