Games with epilogues


Both Zombie Exodus and Tinstar have epilogues that tell what happens to the various characters after the story ends. Does anyone know of any other of the games that have that? I really dig it.


Heart of the House have one.


I think saga of the north wind have one too.


I am right there with you. Always love getting that wrap up for characters in books, games, etc. if you have been spending all this time with these characters it feels right to have some resolution, even if it is just a couple sentences apiece. I have the one for my WIP partially plotted out (tentative title for the epilogue chapter is Math of the Aftermath) but have not gotten far enough to write it yet.



A like for the title.


Epilogues are hard to pull off. Leaving enough to the imagination, while including the post-story information that players want (some players will want more of everything, some aren’t happy with the canon that gets established, etc) is a tricky challenge. As a player I liked the Heart of the House epilogue, though!


I often kind of like epilogues in a lot of books and games where they’ve been used as providing a bit of an “after the ending” info to wrap up ends (but I could be biased as I use them a lot in my own writing.) Oedipus (when it gets released) has epilogues for a number of the paths. I’ve got one in Sea Maiden for the only ending I have written so far, and will probably use them in other endings. Actually, I even used epilogues in the short game I’ve got on sub-q. Perhaps I used them too often, I’m not sure. I guess I’ll see if I got the balance right or not with leaving things to the imagination vs wrapping up the story well enough after my next one goes out.


The way I see it, epilogues are useful for two things, if you want to give your MC that moment in the sunrise (regardless how good or bad the story ends up) or when you want to give the readers a sense of what to come in your next story (and maybe reveal a plot device or two) without overly spoiling it. Anyways, going back on topic, I know Slammed has one, others I’m not 100% percent sure.