Shortcut Key for Going to A Particular Line


Hi, bit of a newbie to the ChoiceScript, but seem to be getting a handle on it. So I’m doing my work in a .txt file and when play testing occaisonally I’ll get an error such as

“choicescript_stats line 88: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 1”

Now the issue isn’t the actual error, that’s actually fairly simple… once I get to that particular line. At the moment I literally am counting off the lines one by one until I get to it. There has GOT to be a simpler way of doing that (similar to CTRL + F for finding words).

Anyone got an answer?


What are you coding on?

Many purpose-made text editors tend to have a sidebar for lines and a search option. At least in Notepad++ you can use the goto option (Ctrl+G) to skip to a line number in an open scene. I’m not sure if that’s standard in other editors.



It was the CTRL + G I was thinking of. Seriously, I work in electronic sales and I did not know this… Still, thanks mate!


Happy to be of use.

Have fun checking your indents.


Can I really use this? This is amazing! Like you, I was counting every single line until I got to that particular line where there was an error. Thanks both for bringing this to my attention. :slight_smile:


Ctrl-G will help - but Notepad++ also has line numbers on the side, so you can look at those instead of just counting.