Seven's Deadly W.I.P 8/15/2021

Dang it alright I’ll fix it give me a bit and I’ll update it again

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Will be fixed soon

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Wait were you attempting to choose the option with two eyes as a girl? If so I think I know why as it is an only male option

Never mind I shall fix that hopefully soon

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Stupid indentation mistakes on my part now it should be working properly! Enjoy!

Fixed sorry bout that


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“another woman”
I picked to be attracted to other women while playing as a girl

Some fine tuning I shall do at another date as it is 11 at night and I’ve been working on this all day…thank you for pointing it out! Enjoy none the less I’ll be editing soon


It should be fixed

I am just an idiot when it comes to coding as I apparently forgot to even add the straight options sorry about that everyone that should now be corrected


this is an interesting concept, I’ll keep my eye on this one

Reminder to check out the tumblr where you can ask all sorts of questions

I can’t help but notice that too many ROs are males (5 males and only 2 that are females) which seems a bit unbalanced but other than that I really liked the demo even though it was short. I can’t wait for more!! Good luck! :blush:

I found a few spelling mistakes, I might have missed some but this is what I found so far.

Thanks! And your not the only one to mention that, Aster and Fenrir are only a poly romance option for a male mc so I added Uriel and Jerahmeel for everyone as well. I hope you still enjoy it though. I have good plans for all the romance routes!


I Somehow I didn’t catch that they were both gay lol

It’s not really a problem for me but I just thought I’d mention it anyway. I wish you luck and can’t wait for more :blush:

Yep! And thanks I hope you enjoy what’s to come!

Darn, I thought this game was called “The Seven Deadly W.I.P.'s”. :smiley:

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