Seven's Deadly W.I.P 8/15/2021

To me it good reading this story


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Really hyped for this. But I would really love Aria to be a RO. She seems like a very interesting character.

Thanks! Glad you seem to like her so much! Unfortunately that won’t happen though as this was originally meant to be an actual novel and aria and Xander were together and I wanted to still keep some elements from the original in the interactive. I hope you’ll still like it though! She’s also intended to become more like a mother figure to the mc.


:unamused: Really? This is what you consider short?

Don’t get me wrong, this does sound like an interesting story. But seriously? 5’6" is short to you?!


It is short to me.


Try being 5’1"…

I’m 5’11 so yup. That’s short to me. It’s also shorter for a male build and most female builds. It’s also shorter compared to the other characters.


Tall person club where you at brothers :^)


So far so good looking forward for more. Good luck i hope this wip will be a success.
Heres hoping for more RO.

Thank you!

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Slightly more active on the tumblr so feel free to follow there as well


Small update once again. Adding a few details expect a new updated prologue soon.


The prologue has been updated


If you don’t like ntr you should probably avoid lust

Lol. I reach the point that i have seen and expirience too much ntr that i feel nothing hahaha

In some of the game choice ‘i feel nothing’ is evil choice…:sweat_smile:
I thought I am of normal regular hight human…but according to this I am a short person…are you being ‘hightist’ if it’s even a word. @Nostalgiafan

No it’s nothing like that to me those heights are short and compared to the other sins who are in the six foot something area they are short. And I don’t really plan on having I feel nothing as a choice in the game. Lust is actually pretty emotional in her route but it will be a struggle to get her to open up due to the past. Hope you still enjoy the demo though.

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New poll that was posted to the tumblr for a milestone goal check it out

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Interesting premise, I’ll definitely check it out as you update. However, I’m going to point out areas that I felt were a bit weak and could use some tweaking, please just take this as constructive criticism to build from.

  • You might want to double check your spelling. Those mistakes made it difficult for me to focus on the story. One of the most common was “your” when you meant “you’re” and happened too frequently for me to point out specific instances.
  • Could there be more background to your main character? All that we know is that they have had a terrible childhood and is suicidal, but why do they automatically know that the Sin of Pride is actually Pride? Why the reaction? Did the character come from a heavily religious background? Why not just assume that it wasn’t just some sort of crazy person who found their way to the building’s roof?
  • Lastly, how can your character be the only one who knows how to get onto the rooftop of the building? Are there no stairs for maintenance personnel? Are they forced to climb to the roof via ropes?

Overall, it was a short demo and I feel like there is work to be done but it is promising! I look forward to your updates!