Setting a choice as a name


I know how to set a name when you give a player the option of making their own name with the insert_text feature, but won’t I don’t understand is how to set a name when a player chooses from a pre-made list.

Now let’s try this again shall we? This machine’s official designation is the UFEB ZXS-202B…

#It’s none of these.
Oh really? Alright, what is it then? Also, be sure to state it clearly so there are no misunderstandings.
*input_text prototype
*label Launch
Alright, ${prototype} sounds like a good name.

Here’s a portion of the script I’m working on. Basically what I’m asking for advice on is if someone selects say… the name Artemis for example… exactly what is it that I have to type under it so Artemis appears wherever I put ${prototype}. I’d appreciate some assistance and thank you in advance.


You’d need to set those names as your variable name.

So you’ll put * set prototype “Name”, assuming the name’s variable is ‘prototype’.


Thanks man it fixed my problem.