Pre set names in choice games?

Bit of a dunce-e question but a lot of choice of games have a list of author chosen names for the player, and i got the input name deal down but how do you set those pre set names as player names assuming they choose to use one? Sorry if this question exists btw

*label name
What's your name
		*set name "samuel"
		*set name "paul"
		*set name "nathan"
		*set name "adam"
	#None of these are my name 
		OK, what is it?
		*input_text name
		$!{name}. Is it right ?
			#No my name is
				*goto name

Just do copy-paste.
Something like this :point_down:t4:

Kimi no nawa
        *set name "Bob"
        *set name "Bobby"
        *set name "Bubu"

And the list goes on.

Ah, it appears I’m ninja’d.
Well, you get the idea.

As written, this segment implies the game will capitalize an accidentally un-capitalized name. It’s really easy to ask if an un-capitalized name is correct as-is, or if the game actually should capitalize it. Like so:

    #Let me write my name for you.
        Your name is...
        *input_text name
        *if name != "$!{name}"
            Did you mean to type ${name} or $!{name}?
                #I meant ${name}. Don't change anything.
                    *goto next_label
                #I meant $!{name}. Capitalize it, please.
                    *set name "$!{name}"
                    *goto next_label
                #Both are wrong. Let me choose something else entirely.
                    *goto choose_name
            Is ${name} correct?
                #Yes, that's my name.
                    *goto next_label
                #No, I want a different name.
                    *goto choose_name

I think when mentioning nouns we have to capitalize the first letter.

Names are normally capital letter first. Almost always, in fact!

…But not actually always.

But not always. The correct way to spell bell hooks’ name is “bell hooks”, not “Bell Hooks”. The correct way to spell kari edwards’ name is “kari edwards” not “Kari Edwards”. The correct way to spell the surname of Charles de Gaulle is “de Gaulle” not “De Gaulle”.

Unless it’s also the first word of the sentence.

Make all the default names capital-letter first. But if you’re letting the player type a name in? Just ask. You’re probably right, almost always will be right, but give them a chance to do it differently if they really want.

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well it can’t hurt i guess unless they end up getting confused/frustrated/baffled because they typed with first letter capital and its showing them two same options.

That’s why this line exists:

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I admit i didn’t read the code thoroughly.

Yep that’d do it. I think its safe to say I’ve mastered the stats screen at least

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