How does naming work?


Okay i’m asking questions again!
I need a lesson how you can name your character in the game like for example how you do it in “choice of romance”
I want the player to be able to chose the first and last name. I what to know what you have to write in the stat chart and the startup for this to work and how you make the name appear in the text.
thanks in advance :)>-


Try this in startup.txt:

*create fname “”
*create lname “”
*create female true
*create male false

This in your choicescript_stats page:
!{fname} !{lname}

Edit: the ! marks make sure it’ll display with a capital first letter. If you want the option of lower case names, use:
{fname} {lname}

And (in startup.txt or a later scene, depending on when you want people to pick their name) a choice like this from my game:

  My name is
    *if female
        *set fname "Thekla"
        *goto set_lname
        *set fname "Alkyone"
        *goto set_lname
    *if male
        *set fname "Iasoun"
        *goto set_lname
        *set fname "Taras"
        *goto set_lname
    #Choose a different name.
      You are called:
      *input_text fname
      *goto set_lname
  *label set_lname
  And your family name:
      *set lname "Katenatou"
      *goto hector
      *set lname "Mikilatou"
      *goto hector
    #Choose a name
      Your family are known as:
      *input_text lname
      *goto hector
*label hector


Thanks! It works now :wink: