Greetings all.

FIrst I would like to say how in love I became with these games a while ago since I discovered them. Already played all at least once and playing the user made ones now. Yesterday while I was playing one of them i thought to myself: " English is not my mother language but I guess I can make a game or two" Well that might be true in terms of writing but once i saw the choicescript program, things just did change a bit. Now my main problem is not English itself but rather how to make very simple things as gender variables and choosing your name. I´m delaying the gender “problem” for another book as i don´t think i have to use it on my first choice book attempt. Anyway i did get stuck at the input name problem altough I did follow the example from the dragon book I still can´t figure it out how to use it. And I really did not understand how I use the variables I create on mygame.js in the book itself. I think if I uderstant how to set the name and gender and how to work around with them I could understand the rest but its not being easy, that´s why i came here seeing if its possible if someone could give me an example on how to use it in order to start my first book. The book starts like this:



Blah blah (Prologue is here)

First things first though…

What is your name?

*set name “Andy”
*goto_scene chapter1
*set name “John”
*goto_scene chapter1
*set name “Mike”
*goto_scene chapter1
#Thats not my name!
What name would you prefer then?

    \*input_text name
    \*goto_scene chapter1


Obviously it gives me an error since I don´t have a name variable and don´t know where and how to create it. Already created it on the mygame.js but then the game does not even start when I do that. I know its a very noob and dumb question but im really stuck at the beginning because I can´t create a simple thing called name and get it to work. Help would be much appreciated and Im sorry for the long writing and noob like question.

Thanks in advance.


Oh My God…one Thousand sorrys for the post…I did manage to put the name working with trial and error now only have problems with the gender. I did think i could use two scenarios if you choose male or woman but I think that there is an easier way so the story can understand if you are male or female and go from there. Once again so sorry for that previous long post. The forum is great help by the way :))