Sequels in Production?


With all the newest games ending in cliffhangers, I’m wondering if production is on the sequels (Some examples and VERSUS and So, your possessed)


I don’t know about the sequels to VERSUS and So, You’re Possessed.
What I know is that Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom and Guns of Infinity are almost complete and will be released soon. Grypthkeepers of Hallowford will be released later, I guess at the end of 2016 or in 2017. The Founders Saga is also going to be continued but I don’t know when the second part is going to be released.
I hope this helped you.


MetaHuman Inc. isn’t quite a sequel to The ORPHEUS Ruse, but there’s some interconnectedness between the two. That’ll likely be released quite soon, now.


Captive of Fortune, the sequel to Trial of the Demon Hunter, is supposed to be coming out on the 20th, two days from now.


Are my ears burning!
The sequel to So, You’re Possessed is definitely in progress. We have a Facebook page as well as the SYP thread where we will continue to post any relevant, juicy updates. As of yet, there is no ETA, nor do we plan on providing one anytime soon, so we can focus on life and writing (SYP only dropped a little over two months ago, I can’t believe it). We’re glad you’re interested! :kissing_heart:


Yeah, SYP immediately caught my attention just from the description, and the little demo I played just hooked me. I’m really happy a sequel is in production, the gmae just has a charm I haven’t experianced in many games.