Anyone Upcoming Sequels?

Since Psy High 2 and Exile Of The Gods came out, I want to know if the following have sequels coming up. Mainly the following:

  • Pendragon Rising
    *Werewolves: Haven Rising
    *Hero Unmasked!
    *A Midsummer’s Night Choice
    *Welcome To Moreytown

And more, if I can think of any.


I know a sequel for Werewolves: Haven Rising is being written. I dont know if the other ones have sequels planned, since its been a long time since ive played them. The author from Moreytown is releasing a new game this week but it isint related to it.


I don’t currently have plans to do a sequel for Midsummer, but I really want to write a sort of spin-off of it based on the Tempest. It’s on the back burner!


You are already one of my favorite author/developers of games that open literary experiences through your games … keep up the creativity, please :slight_smile:


Oh wow! I thought the project have been abandoned! Is there a thread about it on the forum? Or Is the author writing it without posting any updates?

There isn’t a full thread on the forum, but Jeffrey Dean has posted about it on Twitter if you’re interested!


Hey @Flinx , I’m not sure why you’d think it was abandoned, but it’s not. I’ve posted several times on the Haven Rising thread here on the forums about the sequel as well as on my Twitter which Hannah linked above.

I’ve been working on book 2 since only two weeks after Haven Rising first came out, so it’s been in the works for quite some time now. Let me assure you that these things take a lot of work to write–they’re basically the size of 3+ novels–so patience is always appreciated. Many traditional novel authors take a few years to write a normal sized novel (100 thousand words or so) so I think the year and a half turn-around on Werewolves 2 (which is almost 300 thousand words long at the moment) is actually pretty good! :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m expecting to turn the finished manuscript in to CoG by the end of the year, which should release late first quarter 2020 (March-ish?). So rest assured, it’s coming!


Oh gosh, I’m so relieved! I’ll be waiting patiently for its release.
Oh and I don’t have a Twitter account hahah so that’s the reason why I couldn’t see any updates of the book or how was it going lol


I don’t blame you. I only have Twitter to talk about my writing because that’s where people will see it. Even then, I don’t go on more than a handful of times a week.


Wayhaven Chronicles 2’s first draft was just completed, so that’s swell for those interested. I personally am awaiting a samurai of hyuga 5, as I just discovered the series on Tuesday and have been hooked on it since. Dont care how long it takes for that, I’m eager to see what happens in it.


I’d appreciate a Grand Academy for Future Villains 3.

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So would I!

I’m guessing theres no plans for a Hero Unmasked sequel which sucks. I really liked that game.

Is Hero Unmasked the one where the MC’s twin gets kidnapped and they have to take up their superhero persona?


Yeah, I like that one too

Yep another Psy High game(cannot get enough of those characters) or Sixth Grade detective, perphaps with a slightly older protagonist perphaps reaching High School but with the same charming and funny way to deal with any situation plus the return of the old cast, would be awesome but the one I truly desire is a sequel to Choice of Rebels or Choice of the Pirate.

The last one mainly because pirate shaenninghans but Choice of Rebels cause really couldn’t get enough of that world, there is so much potential and stories to tell there absolutely memorable.

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I’ve written about 308,000 words of it, and should be posting the first chapter soon on the forum for feedback.


This is epic news!!! :heart_eyes:


Damn mate you make me even happier of posting that wish list, glad the COR world is still alive, eager to see on what direction you move the plot!

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