Sentiments of Origins [WIP] Just the prologue for now

I’ve created this game with twine last year but it didn’t work out quite well. I’m so terrible at coding. For now, I’ve uploaded the prologue and smoothing out Chapter 1. I will try to upload Chapter 1 before the end of this month. Hope you all look forward to it.

Death had taken you in your previous world, though the details of how it happened remained hazy in your mind. When you finally opened your eyes, you found yourself in a vaguely familiar place, face to face with the entity known as “God”. But this was no peaceful afterlife - God presented you with an ultimatum: participate in their experiment or face eternal suffering. It wasn’t much of a choice at all.

Reluctantly, you agreed to possess a mortal body and become the Origin of Magic, tasked with bringing stability to the chaotic world. As you delved deeper into your role, you discovered some unsettling truths about your purpose. Yet despite these revelations, you found yourself grateful for the path you chose as it led you to two younger twin brothers who became your whole world. Alongside them were two other individuals who would also become dear family members - Ginger, the Origin of Humanity, and Nil, the Origin of Demons.

But one day, when you awoke in your bed in a secluded forest where your home stood, you were greeted with the shocking realization that 900 years had passed. Your brothers and chosen family were nowhere to be found. What could have possibly happened during your long slumber? The weight of uncertainty and fear settled heavily onto your shoulders as you searched for answers.

To play the demo, go here:

Check out my tumblr page as well if you are interested ;


Short but interesting

I read this over on last year and was looking forward to seeing more, happy to see you are still working on it and definitely still looking forward to any updates!

I have a feeling that the 2 men at the start are the other two origins, like the white hair one kind of match my inhead looks on what an origin of demons would look like, but I don’t know about the origin of humanity though because I would guess the origin of magic would be the one to have multicolored rainbow eyes to signify the magic in the origin of magic and have the origin of humanity to have golden eyes or something

Thank you very much for your interest. Hope you are looking forward to Chapter 1😄.

Thank you for your long support. I apologize for the delay as life happens. Hope you continue to support me and looking forward to Chapter 1😄.

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You can check for more information on my tumblr. Hope you are looking forward to Chapter 1😄.

Sounds interesting

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