Selling services on the CoG forums?

Hello, CoG mods and staff! I am a starving artist coder who does odd jobs for a living, some of which (like proofreading) might be something that CoG coders/fans would need. I don’t want to give too many details until I figure out the forum policy on this.

If it seems relevant, is it all right to post advertisements or rates for individual services such as artwork, paid play-testing, editing, etc.? I couldn’t find a specific rule regarding this.

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Email Choice of Games and ask for their policy. They may or may not notice this thread. Email’s generally a better method of getting in touch with them.

@Sashira There’s nothing wrong with the idea, per se, of selling your services on the forums. However, we’re hesitant to say “yes, go right ahead.” That’s a long way of saying, yes, but it’s an experiment.

Also, the idea of selling “play-testing” services doesn’t really jive with the culture of the forums. Right now, we play each other’s game and give feedback because we like to do that. So selling that service doesn’t seem appropriate.

Additionally, you need to make it clear that we’re not endorsing you for these jobs. But if you want to advertise yourself as an editor, coder, or artist, that’s ok…for now.


Looks like we’ve got a new forum category @Sashira

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