Selectable option not found?

One of my discord testers says the game gave him an error message about “selectable option not found”? I ran a quicktest and got nothing. The game is working fine as far as I can tell.

As a related note, it seems to be working just fine for most other people. Browser issue?

I tested the game myself and it works fine for me (testing manually, using the same choices he made). I think it’s a browser issue, please let me know if it’s not.

Testing done on dashingdon

I’d suggest trying 10K runs of RandomTest - that will help you find the problem. It’s likely that you’ve got a set of choices in which under an obscure circumstance there are none available for a player to pick.

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It says ‘no selectable options’ for line 883 but I don’t even have a choice there… just a page break? I’m not sure I know how to run the RandomTest properly.

Edit: I removed the page_break and it’s still giving me an error there for ‘no selectable options’.

Is there a set of choices near that line which might be causing the problem?

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There’s a choice above it but I’m not sure what would be the problem. All conditions have… hang on.

Sorry. I noticed a different bug unrelated to the test.

There is a choice above it but all criteria for that choice can be met regardless of playthrough.

*if (Health = 100)
  *goto Surprise
*if (Health < 100)
        Blah blah
         *if (Medical >= 40)
           #I know basic first aid, at least. I can wrap it up really good at least.
            Blah blah blah
            *set Health +5
            *goto Surprise
         *if (Medical >= 50)
           #I know how to suture a wound shut using what's in this first aid box. This wound is bad but easily fixed.
            Blah blah blah
            *set Health +10
            *goto Surprise
           #Maybe Emily will know how to treat a wound...
               Blah blah blah
               *set Health +5
               *goto Surprise

*label Surprise

This is the code for that segment (the choice right before the random test tells me no selectable options). RandomTest also didn’t flag an error in the location that the bug occurred but flagged one here which comes basically immediately after that segment.

I might see what’s wrong with this section now. Spacing.

Yep, try aligning the “maybe Emily will know…” option with the above *if (Medical) line - that may sort it out.


Did. No further errors were reported.

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