Seem to be having a problem with No selectable options (Resolved)

I am running random test and not hitting any problems until I hit this section.

   *if (flaw_count>=2) #Correct
    [i](Audacious has been added)[/i]
    *set f6 false
    *set flaw_d true
    *set flaw_count -2
    *set audac true
    *set slot_count +1
    *goto top
  *if (flaw_count<=1) #[i](You do not have have enough for this flaw)[/i]
   *goto_scene skill
  *if (flaw_count>=2) #Maybe it was something else
    *goto top 

I have flaw_count set at 11 for testing. Now the question is what have I done incorrect, as my way of thinking it should always have a choice even if it was a negative number. Any help would be great.

*edit seems as soon as I posted I could see an indent problem, guess I have spent to many hours looking at code. Sorry for the post.

My most hated problem. You’d never know when those silly indents are going to force you to waste hours trying to figure out what the problem is with your coding >_>