Secrets of Swatheford (WIP) Updated: July 30

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Chapter 4 Now Available!

Swatheford has always been quiet and peaceful…until now. Rumor has it, the Divine Balance is hidden within the small town, an object that has the power to change everything ever known for the better…or worse.

When there’s a sudden surge of strangers searching for the relic, the Detective must protect their town while uncovering the mystery of Swatheford…and the mystery of themselves.


  • Choose your gender and appearance! (Non-Binary inclusive!)
  • The option to become the hero or villain: Save the world or succumb to your own desires…
  • Four RO’s! (All genders based on your preference)
    • Childhood Best Friends to Lovers
    • Enemies to Lovers
  • Pet sitting a goldfish

Demo Link Here! Note: The link has changed!

Skill Descriptions

Combat: There’s bound to be a fight somehow. Will you come out victorious or bruised up? (literally and figuratively)
Charisma: If you can’t physically punch, rely on your smooth words to pack a punch for you!
Problem Solving: Use that insane amount of brain power to slip yourself out of any obstacles. …That is if you’re able to think on the fly.
Utility: The world is your oyster! Rely on what you have on hand to save the day! Think of it as a DIY craft channel and use what you’ve got.

RO Descriptions (Spoilers!)
  • Cas/Cass Santiago: Your charming, magnetic, and outgoing childhood best friend and partner in solving crime. Puerto Rican with tanned skin, wavy brown hair, warm brown eyes, full lips, and a heart shaped face. A killer combo to make anyone swoon…does that mean you too?
  • Blake/Blair Hewitt: The Mayor’s stern, closed off, and assertive child. Pale skin, dark brown locks, deep blue eyes, high cheekbones, and a soft jawline. They aren’t much of a people person, but perhaps you can change that.
  • Eli/Ella Mercado: A confident, witty, and sarcastic Agent from “National Security”. Filipino with short black hair, golden skin, amber almond shaped eyes, and relatively short. Despite not being vertically gifted, their presence is enough to command a room…and they’re gifted in different ways too.
  • Vincent/Violetta Collins: A protective, loyal, and sheepish Agent from an undisclosed location…at least that’s what you’re told. Nigerian with black curly hair, deep skin, brown eyes, and a sharp jawline. A gentle giant with a scorned past; a helper that needs helping.
Update Logs
  • V1.1: Post 64 on Forum
  • V2.0: Post 68 on Forum
  • V2.1: Post 113 on Forum
  • V2.2: Post 120 on Forum
  • V3.0: Post 124 on Forum
  • V4.0: Post 152 on Forum
  • V4.2: Post 169 on Forum

This is my first ever piece of Interactive Fiction and I’m so excited to share it with everyone! There are bound to be mistakes or faulty coding, so please let me know of any errors or suggestions!

Let me know what you think!
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Looks like another fuckin WIP I gotta bookmark but okay


I love the characters lmao, I know they’ve been just introduced but they’re so… endearing. I also like the surprise at the end. This reminds me a bit of TWC, but it’s still quite managed to be its own thing (if that makes sense). I enjoyed this one, and I’ll certainly keep my eye on this thread. Good luck on this WIP!


This looks AWESOME!


Really loved your demo! Every character has their own charm to them so far and the story seems to be leading into an interesting plot!
Excited to see what you come out with next, nice job! :relaxed:


Loved the demo! The characters were fun and the story made me eager to continue reading! Looking forward to the rest. Best of luck!


I like the story I wish good luck :laughing:


I enjoyed the demo! Here are a couple things I noticed as I was playing.

Comments and suggestions

I did happen across one typo. After picking the “I’m immune to Cas’ charms” options during the phone call, the text says “you would prefer to stay only asn best friends.” (Cas was male in this case, if that matters)

Also, this could just be bad on me, but there were a few times where I had trouble telling who was speaking at any given moment, especially once there were more people than just Cas and the MC. One thing I’d advise is to make sure only one speaker is talking per paragraph. For example, in the scene where the receptionist lady is flirting with Cas, there are a few points where he says something and she responds in the same paragraph, and my mind kind of got tangled up because I was expecting the dialogue to be broken up more.

(for what it’s worth, I tend to have the opposite problem of overdescribing who is speaking at all times, so take what I’m saying with a grain of salt here)

Also, you’ve probably gathered this from the posters before me, but Cas is precious.

All in all, looks like a good start! I’m looking forward to what happens next.


I just… love this so much and it only has one chapter!

I’m completely invested in this story. I noticed the same errors as @Jaffel. I can’t wait to read more of this!


Oh, good catch!

As for the dialogue confusion, that was an error on my part so don’t worry! I went through and fixed up paragraphs (along with the typo) to provide more clarity and a better flow! Hopefully it helps! I’ll make sure to keep that in mind for future chapters.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!


OMG, such a turn of events that I haven’t foreseen! I’m baffled :exploding_head::hushed: Gives off some Wayhaven vibes, but still seems unique in its own way. I can’t wait to find out what happens next :grin: You got me hooked up to this new WIP. Way to go!


Already interested so far, main concern is though how useful will the MC be? Will the we have powers or be powerless and have to be protected by the ROs?

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aodjqojwds this has to be the first Puerto Rican character in a CS game I’ve ever seen other than 90% of my MCs. Nice.


Hi! The MC isn’t powerless at all. I really can’t say anything else since it’s in spoiler territory, but it’ll be revealed in either chapter 3 or 4. Sorry for the unanswered answer!


(See’s utility stat description) so, what you’re telling me, is that I can be MACGYVER!?


Ooh! This seems pretty interesting! I’ll have to keep my eyes on it for sure. It’s kinda giving me Wayhaven vibes, if you don’t mind me saying that. And when I do say that, I mean it in the best possible way of course! I absolutely loved the first book because of the whole, “ignorant” detective has to be protected by a group of handsome/beautiful semi (not including BFF) strangers :smirk:


Damn! That was a unexpected plot twist! I love it❤ Looking forward to the next update~


this is so good! I really love it. Can’t wait for the next update!

ps: you sold me at childhood friends to lover. I’m a sucker for it😚


It’s and undeniably good. Keep working on it :+1: :kissing_heart:

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Noicee one

But I wanna know if you will you add the option to choose the gender of every RO seperately?

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Hi! The ability to choose each RO’s gender individually will be implemented in the next demo update!