Seas of Malice WIP, I'm back!

Hello everyone! You may remember me from my original Seas of Malice WIP topic. After a long hiatus due to school, I’m finally back and able to work on this project now that things have settled down for me.

You can find the link to the updated game here:

I’ve just gotten Brinewatch done, though it’s probably full of bugs since my Choicescript is a bit rusty.
As always, C&C is welcome, and do try to be critical and tell me what I can do better. Thanks, and I look forward to resuming work on this!


Before i read whats it about

You manage a ship, travel to different ports, and pursue storylines at each port. Certain stories require you to travel to different ports, etc. You can also buy/sell trade goods and get rich (though there isn’t much you can do with your money yet.)

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Great so far, but I’m hitting a roadblock early on. The game tells me I need 5 crew and 5 crates of supplies to proceed, but when I try to buy supplies, it tells me I have no hold space for them. No option I choose can get me out of it. Also, it’s entirely possible to get to that screen without picking up the inheritance, which means you can’t afford anything and there’s no option to get back.

I somehow went from helping what I assume was a vet holding down an animal to waking up the next morning with the goal of finding supplies and crew for a previously unmentioned ship. I haven’t done the inheritance scene in which I’m sure that plot point was explained, so this was a pretty jarring change for me

Had the same issue. Got shunted from the rhino squid cat mouse dog thing to picking up crew members.

Yep, I was reworking that section when I uploaded the file. The section is complete and the game should be updated now.

Can you tell me some more information? Which page were you on, exactly? Also, I force you to visit the bank to collect your inheritance if you haven’t already when the festival starts.

Is it possible to shorten the festival? The game forces you to waste money to donate to the temple…

I’ll look into it, thanks for bringing it up.

I know you put a summary in a reply but the summary and features should REALLY be in the actual post not in the comments.

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