(Sci-fi WiP) (Crossfire) (Updated 5th of June)

This is trash. This is not taking over my current project, if it is not obvious enough. What I am asking of you is to rate the trash, as in – rate if it is bad trash, or an average kind of trash. I do not in any way expect anyone to be interested in this nor do I think anyone shall enjoy this. I probably won’t update the game. As stated, I only wish for your input, as I can already review my own… “work”, if we can call it that.

Small Summary:

It is the year 2085. Humans have learned to design spaceships and many colony ships have already been sent to potentially habitable planets. Humanity is at war with the Dryht, an alien species determined to possibly exterminate or enslave all of the human race. You play as an officer in the EC (Earth Collective), whose sole purpose is to prevent the invasion of the overwhelming enemy upon Earth and if possible, its colonies.

"Planned" features:
  • A companion system. Take the desired crew members with you on missions.

  • Have your own terminal to see the (un)interesting messages laid before you. How fun.

  • A workable lore/plot which can explain the motivations and desires of the alien species.

  • Multiple alien races, both primitive and advanced.

  • Meaningful choices. Trying to branch out all the paths for even the most minor of choices.

  • The author growing into a socially stable individual.

Additional notes:

The wordcount is 20 thousand - 22 thousand including the code.
This is a bad way to spend your time.
Whatever gun you choose won’t affect the playstyle much. Writing out 3 scenes for each separate weapon is a challenge I don’t think I can overcome while balancing all of them simultaneously.


Fixed messed up chapter 2 reports.
A few typos at chapter 1 were fixed.
Exploration of Aether has been finished along with the first mission, branching into several paths, counting up to 12 words, adding to the rest of the wordcount. (Making it around 20-22 thousand including code).

The link.



That last planned feature though, lol… :slight_smile:


It’s a work in progress, don’t expect much.


This pretty good work as always my good man.

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Doubt that is so, but thanks regardless.

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Am not just saying it to be nice i think its good dude.

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That’s great, then. I only wanted people’s input as I consider it bad.

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Accept your praise and have a little more confidence in yourself my dude.


Accept your Headpats



Head pats are always the best praise


Thanks, it is already working tremendously.


Great game please devolpe further

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As @Kanaya said you deserve all the headpats. Keep it up! <3


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False advertising this game is actually not trash!


Too bad you aren’t going to cointinue this, I actually really liked the demo.

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It’s really good :smiley: (20 char)

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I was really hoping for this

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I dunno, never watched Deadpool 2. I’m probably not going to update, so don’t worry. The last sentence is a bit hard to comprehend though. What’s the next big WiP?
I tried not to give false ideas by making that description, but uhm, that’s great too.
@Terrell_Williams @BrandonH @spytim
Thank you.
It really depends on what you qualify as trash, but thank you regardless.
I did say probably, so the probability of that is low, but it’s better than 0. Thank you.

Looks promising. I like everything resolving around military, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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I’d suggest “The Operative: Fires of Revolution” by @spytim if you like that genre, then.

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I would suggest dialing back the self-deprecation, as at this point it’s coming off as a blatant compliment fishing. I understand that a lot of people can’t stand their writing (me included), but it is better in the long term not to flagellate yourself publicly.

Other than that, I liked Crossfire well enough. The flow is streamlined, overall feel is minimalistic and functional, I haven’t noticed grammatical mistakes.
Admittedly, I did gloss over the last third, but I’d guess there are no glaring issues.

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