Scales (Working Title) WIP Updated 05/15/21

Wanna see a magic trick?.. Demo

Scales (Working Title) at your disposal. Now with save system, less game breaking bugs (hopefully), and a small glance at Chapter 2!


You’ve lived you’re whole like in a place called The Meadow a sequestered paradise hidden within a mountain. You always believed you were normal, never knowing that you and your siblings were in fact the first of your kind. Human Dragon hybrids. Despite this your parents taught you many things but none of it would prepare you for what was to come.

Soon you’re sent head over heels into an unfamiliar world when unknown soldiers pour into The Meadow and take you away from the only world you’ve ever known, with nothing but your closest siblings to hold onto as you traverse treacherous terrain and even more treacherous people as you learn who to trust and who not to.


In this game you’ll be able to make all the major choices gender, orientation, name, as well as others such as age (which makes a large impact), as well as the breed of dragon you are, I intend to include combat though I wouldn’t expect anything ground-breaking, what’s more there will be factions which your choices will influence, there will be physical skills and intellectual, and of course emotional though the time of implementation for each will vary.


I don’t know how many words the complete story will have but I’m aiming for at least 100k - 150k words. Currently it sits at a little over 40,000 words, as for an upload schedule… It will likely be either every month or every other month.


As far as feedback goes, I am not looking for anything major, spelling errors, grammar errors, game breaking bugs, thoughts on the story, hopes for future updates, all are welcomed.

Also I have implemented copious stats which can be viewed on the “stat screen” after playing (or before) If you could check and see if any of the stats seem unnecessary or redundant with some of the other groupings I would be grateful


02/23/21 (11:00 A.M.) - Demo Uploaded - Word Count 25,000

02/23/21 (6:30 P.M.) - Demo Updated - Word Count 30.000 - Many Spelling Errors corrected special thanks to @MistyLeaf123 - Game no longer broken please enjoy…

05/15/21 - Demo Updated - Word Count 42,500 - What is new. Chapter 1 is done I may revisit it in the future but as is I am tired of that chapel, that walk, and that interrogation. So on to Chapter 2 as is there is but a taste. But I have a solid grasp of what’s to come. Also there should be no more game breaking bugs if you find any let me know please. Also Also I implemented a save system so there’s that.


It seems interesting- although there were quite a bit of little typos and grammar issues. Would you like me to send the corrections over in PM or on this thread?


Hey , same here just been lurking for a while now searching for a good book to read . Cant wait for you to start writing more . =)

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Put them in the thread I can take it… plz


This is a very interesting one, but there are tons of spelling and grammar errors like @Mistyleaf123 already mentioned…

alright! here you go- also a Save Option would be nice for beta testers- it’s easier to find typos and glitches :slight_smile: If you ever need a (private) grammar/spelling correcter, I’ve got a knack for it ^^

(first few pages lol)

  1. “There you are, Ember; I’ve been looking for you.”
  2. "Listen carefully, Ember, because
  3. all of our siblings, yourself included, but…
  4. He sees
  5. there
  6. use a semi colon instead of a comma
  7. Out there, people are
  8. you splutter
  9. “I fear I may be killed if I stay. I’m twenty years old, Ember.”

  1. He
  2. You
  3. withholding himself? (“his own head” makes it sound…like he’s a criminal or smth :sweat_smile:)
  4. Ember- this is the task I’m assigning to you.

  1. The other sixteen/fourteen/twelve year olds (no apostrophe)
  2. Period instead of comma.
  3. another period.
  4. know-it-all
  5. blanch -flinch or grow pale from shock, fear, or a similar emotion. maybe use another word like “blurts an apology”, etc instead?
  6. she’s a drama queen in the best of scenarios, and she appears to think herself the beauty queen of your family.
  7. use either period or semicolon or “and”
  8. period or dash or semicolon
  9. period and capital T
  10. comma or dash
  11. period

  1. before emitting a sigh, not even flinching when another explosion rocks the small chapel.
  2. This should be another paragraph, I believe
  3. lets
  4. period
  5. comma
  6. period
  7. I shout, anger surging to the forefront.
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@Redway_bull found this: Ch_1 line 2156: Expected choice body



Found this bug part way through

Ch_1 line 2156: Expected choice body

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Same here

Glitch has been fixed. I can’t wait to play more

This is actually really good! I’m also not good with grammar (English isn’t my first language), so I can’t help you with that. But being able to play as a dragon…well half-dragon is great! There are only a few games that let you play as a dragon. Thank you for sharing your wip :’)


Wow, that’s great! Will we have options for height and body type? Is there going to be a romance of some kind.

P.S. I hope that Zekiel is fine :pleading_face:


@Mei_Hiroshi He’s fine… probably… as for the customization you will be able to choose scale color, and body type, no hair though.

Most likely where it comes to height you will be able to choose between x and x ft depending on which type of dragon you are given Land and Core are leagues bigger than Sky and Sea, or perhaps I’ll just make a point to say you’re very tall or short for the type of dragon your (parent) was. Which would you prefer?

Romance wise I intend to have several different suitors from different factions appear throughout the game which will be options though I wouldn’t expect anything untoward


I guess the description of you are tall or short for your x type of dragon should be fine

:heart: it. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

I love it. I love it. I live it. That’s all I got to say and all that’s needed to be said.

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Loved what I see so far and has me most definitely wanting to see more great job and keep it up!

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Seems interesting

It’s really good! Saved it under my favorites on my phone :smile:

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