Save system that will work in and outside of dashington...(+ world state) SOLVED

I don’t want a so-called ‘mod’.

I want to know how to allow a player to save, or how I myself can add in auto saves, at the very least.

Whenever I look at such forum topics, they talk about saving strength or health or something…which is somewhat confusing (Can someone please explain this too though…? Isn’t strength and health already saved as you go to the second scene etc?? I’m pretty sure it is but… o.o weird. )…

Anyways, I want to save the game itself though. Make it so those who play my updated demo, don’t have to start from the begging over and over again.

Though I think I made sure (at least for the most content) that there’s lots of replay value, I personally find myself doing the same thing in games over and over again, because it’s how i find it to be ‘perfect’. Wouldn’t be surprised if others do the same, and if they do, I believe it can get boring pretty fast.

So yeah. I need a save system that HG allows. So - again - no mods.

BONUS QUESTION: At the end of my first game, there will be a certain world state (a save from game 1)…I think i already know there’s a way to import save states into the other game (the equal) but what I need to know is - 1. should i start reading up how to do this early on? or 2. Is it a pretty easy process that can be done by the 1st game’s ending?

Also, in the world state, it would write which war side you’re on, who (if anyone) you’re romancing, who’s your friend or foe, and who followed you to the other army, or who left the army you are in since you wouldn’t join the other side…none of these decisions are in the demo yet but I was hoping to get an answer on how to do this early on. Just in case, if I should work on it pronto.

To code in your own save system, you can *create the duplicates of all the variables (probably *create var_save 0).

And then, you can put a *choice option that allows the player to save. This is done by *set var_save var, and doing it for all of the variables you want to save.
To load, the process is just the same, except you do the opposite.

If you want multiple “save slots,” you can *create var_saveA, *create var_saveB, etc.


That’s perfect, thanks!

I’ll leave the threat open for now to see if someone knows about the world state save though. :slight_smile:

plus, why do you need to save strength, health etc.

Generally, when a game has such attributes they can change throughout the story. So when you restore the game to an earlier save, you need to be able to reset those stats to how they were at that point in time, prior to the changes. Same as for any variable you save using the method suggested by @Szaal

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Thank you! <3 I appreciate that! :smiley:

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Edit: It’s thread, btw. Threat is… well, an ultimatum.


I’ve a question about this - so this works if the game doesn’t “reset”. But if the game were to goto *finish and the player wants to load a saved state, wouldn’t all your save variables be reinitialized as base values in the startup script?

I also know of the cjw plugin, but I was wondering if it can be implemented into published hosted games and if it will persist across game updates.

Thank you so much for your (or anyone’s) help!!

Your best bet is to implement a save-point in the next-to-last screen.

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In dashingdon, yes, the game resets. But not in published version. Isn’t XoR did this? I remember reading somewhere that Havenstone described his saving mechanism.