Save Plugin problem after compilation

I’m having trouble with incorporating the ChoiceScriptSavePlugin made by @CJW.

When I’m developing my game and I’m running the CS server (run-server file) the browser window with the preview of my game shows that the plugin is working perfectly. No problems there.

The thing is after I compile the game with the compiler offered by the CoG. After I compile it, when I open the html file, the plugin doesn’t kick in - the menu with the “save”/“load”/“delete” buttons doesn’t show up. Why is that? How can I solve it?

Thank you for reading till the end,

Pedro J. E. Santos


You used to be able to compile games with mods (saves, colour changes etc) so it was possible, but since it had to be changed due to Firefox’s security, I haven’t had success compiling with mods. Not sure if it’s now able to be done.


I’ve been able to use the save feature on compiled html versions on both Firefox and Chrome

I just compile the game, making sure I put the line:

*sm_init nameofthegame | 20

on the end of the startup file (right after the *create or achievements, if there is) (The “10” is the number of slots, you can chose how much do you want)

After I compile, I open the html of the game and the save plugin with Notepad++. Then I search “scenenavigator” on the game html with CTRL+F. Right above the first line found should be a comment of “Dan Fabulich”. I copy all of the code from the save plugin and paste on a line below the Dan Fabulich comment.


If you follow the steps and appears “Non-existent command ‘sm_init’” it mean that the save plugin that you used was not formatted right.

You can try with the version I use, and follow the same steps: custom save plugin


Thank you so much for your help. I’ll try to do as you said. If even then it doesn’t, forum here i come :slight_smile:

But your steps have logic so I’m confident they’ll work. Thanks!

@Aehein it worked! Thanks so much!