Develop App for Android Devices (Tips)

I’ve been looking on the Internet for several ways to convert my ChoiceScript Game into a fully functional Android app.

Therefore, I think that posting this topic might helpful for new (like me) and old writers alike.

Let’s make this through steps.

  1. Compile your game into an HTML file (don’t forget to add plugins like save plugins if you want - if you need help here’s the link to a question i posted a few days ago Save Plugin problem after compilation)
  2. Create a folder where you paste your HTML file and assets (images, audio, etc)
  3. Rename your compiled HTML file to “index” (file will be then “index.html”)
  4. Download software Website2Apk (if you can spare the money, buy the premium version)
  5. Open the folder where your HTML file and assets are
  6. Done! Build the apk and send it to your Android device.

Don’t forget. This apk, as well as the HTML version can ONLY be shared for FREE. If you want to monetize your game you have to make a contract with Choice of Games LLC.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact.

Happy writings!


I don’t see why this is necessary. COG converts games for use on Android for free when you submit your game to them. Otherwise, you’d have to buy a commercial license to sell your game as an app, and you’d be handling everything they do anyway, which is just extra work you can avoid.

I spent a lot of time to find this method because I want to make this app available on my personal website for free. Personally, I don’t want to monetize my game.

I understand your opinion but it’s not extra work now that I know how to do it. I just thought that if there is someone out there who is looking for the same thing, I thought it would be nice to know that it is possible and how to do it. People do whatever they like. This is just one more method :sweat_smile: