Save games tied to device or the email?

not sure if this has been asked but i bought a few of the same games on different devices, i know the ios release somewhat comes out before the others so i’m curious if i can use my andriod/chrome save on my ios when the new game comes out and i buy it there?..

I’m pretty sure it’s tied to your email, but don’t quote me on it.

I think it’s tied to the email because you have to register your email to save it

I played LH1 on Apple then tested the save through the site… so yes, to quote @CJW, the saves are linked to the email and not the device. :slight_smile:


Addendum: I think, however, on Steam, your saved games are linked to your Steam account and they are not available on the other platforms.

I seem to be able to load saves I’ve made with my email address when using other platforms, including Steam, but any saves I’ve made on Steam don’t show up on Chrome.