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It’s not so much about me not liking that the MC is more masculine, it’s just that for how I see my MC I would like for her to be able to embrace her feminine side, and I would like that for Male Ronins too. I don’t think everyone should play their Ronin like that, but I would like the option personally.


I need Male Ronin to steal Momoko’s shampoo because he deserves to smell like a flower, too. And unironically.


Yes. That’ll be a thing of beauty.
I can just imagine the look on our enemies’ faces when they realize the person who is going to kill them smells like flowers.


I do love that the female Robin was not too feminine and with such upbringing, it is understandable that one will grow up in such a way.

I look forward to the development for our female Robin amd it’s nice to see that this will address in the future!


The foreboding.

You can’t drop this on me now author-san, not when we have another year to wait for the next book! Ahhh, all the possibilities…


bless you @MultipleChoice

I finally got around to playing book 3 and MY GOD I was hoping to write a mini review on it like I did for book 2 because holy crap it’s so good but I’m just too overwhelmed by emotions right now damn you but also bless you.

Quick question though if you don’t mind, will Kohaku be a prominent character (like maybe Hatch/Momo level) in the future or kind of just be on the side?
Not expecting him to be in the next book with the likely focus on Jun(ko) and all but as someone who’s super interested in edo period samurai culture and how samurais would deal with the growing irrelevance and power of the social class itself, I loved seeing his internal struggle as well as the whole deal with his heart problem. Absolutely love this angle you’ve taken with him and how he kinda acts foil to the whole MC’s transition from ronin to samurai as you mentioned earlier. His attraction was kind of sudden but cute and I think it made sense if you refuse to throw the first stone. Such an act of upholding your principles over risk of condemnation and a likely painful death by stoning would understandably make him attracted to MC tbh.

Also, tbh I loved seeing the MC being weak in the 2nd half!!! I hated it at first and when Kohaku fucked me up I wanted to smash his face in lol but damn the MC feeling depressed about their rapid decline was just too relatable. ((Besides the rapid spiraling decline of my life lol)) As a kendoka who took a looong break to focus on my studies and rarely practiced (even forgot a couple of kata, sorry Kohaku!), that feeling of shame, guilt, confusion, and just overall disappointment when I tried to practice again is just OOF ow ouCH my heart.
And when MC muttered an apology to his sensei after the first showdown with Shatao !! Like DAMN that was me a week ago before contacting my sensei after my long break. My emotions and soul has been defeated.
Anyway amazing work as always dude. Looking forward to the next book! A bit early of me to ask but will the next books continue to be released every year or so? I’m so excited the 4th one keep up the good work ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Idk if this is even coherent as I’ve spent 12 hours straight restarting and playing this book over and over and finally beat it once I’m just so exhausted lmfao.


I`m kinda stuck ; I keep trying to be a master of the Jigoku but can never get there. I could not do it with my usual calculated,perverted,charming,protective,finesse playthrough and so i tried it with the opposites of all of those. I managed to get the option of the Jigoku in the Barons home cinema but could not get in the trial or the fight with the samurai with Ige.


For that fight with the samurai who held Ige as hostage , you really can’t use Jigoku. :frowning:


ohhhhh. Is it possible to use it in the Baron`s trial?


Unfortunately, I don’t know. I never really tried it. :sweat_smile:


Regarding fem Ronin’s repressed femininity…yeah I definitely got a sense of that with some of her reactions to everyone getting married. Like, she seemed rather cynical about it all, perhaps reflecting on that being something she can never have for herself. And then there is the dream about Jun and giving birth to his child in book 2… I’m guessing that is a plot thread that will come up again when they meet.


Oh, god, YES. That scene was incredible. I was left speechless by the intensity, especially if you give in and wake up clinging to Momoko saying “I’m yours”. Fem!MC would be a troublesome mom, but not a bad one, I think. She’s very protective of kids (Masa, Ige…), because of her own childhood, I assume. As Jun said, she’s obsessed with innocence. But there would be huge fights over the kid if Jun and MC are the parents, especially because I think Jun would want the kid to be the heir of the Jigoku and MC would refuse and protect him/her at all costs.

Well, I very much doubt we’ll see a child of MC’s, at least not until the very ending. I don’t think I would like to see it, either… MC would try her hardest to be a good mom, but I doubt she would want it. She’d probably be horrified just thinking about it, because we all know how bad she thinks about herself T_T



So many people here are like delving in deep into the ronins deepest concerns, hopes for the future and are being extremely insightful and knowlegeable whilst mine is just smashing peoples heads against pottery and carving open anyone who looks at her wrong


Sounds like your Ronin has a lot of unresolved anger issues.


Best way to live.:sunglasses:


That’s more or less the route I went. When everything starts to get out of hand I just went numb; responding only to lust and bloodshed.
Hmm… I guess that’s why I felt so out of place at the end of book 3.


You and me both buddy


I was down and defeated at the end like my Ronin at all the loss. But Resolute to get the Jigoku back to not be powerless again and be the monster who kills monsters.

Also pinning for Junko.


Ehhh…okay I really dislike this. I don’t want to play a character that has to embrace her femininity. I really don’t. And I dislike the implications that to be healthy an unfeminin character has to change her gender expression and relation to gender, I really dislike it. Maybe this is not what you want to say or not what you want to imply with this, but it sounds very much like it.
And again I would dislike to end up in a narrative that forces this on me. Some may want to have their Ronin become more feminine, I don’t. And I don’t want to have to deal with a narrative that treats either way like something bad. Just my opinion as somebody who is fed up with narratives that treat gender nonconformity as something to “grow out” of. Well…by now I will just hope it won’t end up like that and that the topic gets treated with nuance…but I’m concerned.

I personally hope it’s something from the past…or if any children in the future come up that we get a say in it, because I’m not sure I would keep playing if there is a inevitable pregnancy plot for the female Ronin…That’s a (sub)plot that would weird me out too much to be comfortable with it…

(Also didn’t like the romances much “despite” being attracted to women, so I think the problem some have may not be a straight/sapphic women disconnect but more of a different ways to expirience attraction problem…I know for me Momo felt like a character that wasn’t supposed to be attractive for me but a different audience, and my problem with the Tosh romance is mostly caused by the fast pacing what led me to dislike the dynamic we ended with.)


I hope that there would not have a pregnancy plot. I wouldn’t mind seeing my Ronin have a children of her own but I would like to see it in the epilogue. But that dream might only be a metaphor of something, not in a literal sense.