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That’s… Actually that’s a very plausible thing that could happen for book 4. Maybe during the year time skip, the MC could be searching out Junko the entire year and not be able to find her until that year is about to pass by and everything could hit the fan by then. And Hatch is most likely will be unrecognizable by the time we meet with him again, same goes for the kid. The kid is like 14, right? So he/she might be hitting puberty when the ronin is gone (however I am not interested in the kid as a RO, it would be too weird for me since I look at her as a daughter/little sister). Maybe we’ll run into Momoko again and once the ronin finds out about the tongue thing, he’s gonna be very pissed.


Hey I just heard this from a website but is Jun/ko a demon now after mastering the Jigoku Itto-Ryo?


I wouldn’t exactly say that she’s a 100% demon at all because she wasn’t in one of the six prophecies that Satsuma told us in the first book (at least that’s the gut feeling I have about her). More like a monster from the ronin’s past that has to be dealt with in one way or another due to the fact that she will stalk you and harm anyone that got in her way of getting to the ronin. Remember, the ronin mastered the Jigoku Itto-Ryu a long time before the first book started but didn’t become a demon either. In fact I believe the Jigoku doesn’t exactly turn you into a demon, just a mindless rampaging beast kinda like how Bruce Banner turns into The Hulk from the Marvel comics and movies.


I have to say I love this game. There is so much emotion and heart in the story that I can’t get enough of it.
Particularly I’m loving MC and Jun/ko, so much history and heartache. I was hoping book 3 would explore more but hopefully that will happen in book 4 now.

Learning a little of Jun/ko’s past was like a piece of the puzzle clicked into place for me. His/her obsession and possessiveness towards MC made more sense and the loneliness Jun/ko must felt when MC abandoned them.

I don’t think Jun/ko should die and would hate to see it. MC and them have a lot of potential and never really liked the “beyond hope so killing is a mercy” kind of narrative. I feel MC has done as much if not worse things but just haven’t lost their minds to Jigoku style the way Jun/ko did. MC got a chance to try a new life from their past and Jun/ko hasn’t. It would be nice to be able to give Jun’ko that.Especially after their father’s abuse.

Just like the MC grows I love to see that with Jun/ko. Them as part of the group would make for interesting dynamics between characters.


So I wanna know what everyone thinks that weird smoke thing that the MC breaths in after slaying every demon is? It’s not really anything that’s been talked about, I don’t think?

Honestly it makes me worried that the smoke is actually the demons because it seems like the demons possess a person, not so much that the person is the demon. Is the MC getting possessed? Are we gonna be running around with 6 demons in us?

Also the title the MC has is curious, isn’t it? The Sword that Cuts the Heavens. I mean. Sure there’s heavens as in the sky but also heavens as in the place good people go when they die. Shouldn’t our title reflect us cutting up demons and not a paradise for virtuous souls? I know someone mentioned that maybe the Emperor is actually the bad guy here (accidental or otherwise) and that got me thinking.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid…


The black smoke is most likely the essence or the soul of the demon itself. If they managed to possess the ronin then the ronin haven’t shown any symptoms of it (aside from the manipulation demon’s memory block) affecting him/her so it’s hard to say at this point. And my biggest fear so far is that Satsuma may be the final demon itself because one of the prophecies says that one of the demons is still pure as of now and they could grow more powerful once they marry someone from a powerful warring clan. Who knows if the kid’s family is actually a political rival of Satsuma because we don’t know how the clan became one of the richest and powerful clans in the land of Hyuga, they could be traders or some of the clan members are connected to the high ranking military. He did say that we would have to swing the katana differently to handle this demon but it hasn’t been explained how exactly we should do that.


The Ronin is just too darn cool to be possessed by one demon… 6 might be a different matter.


It reminds me of this book were one of the character is the guy from a prophecy, and every time they kill one of the “undead”, the only way to make sure its dead is with this guy sucking their evil essence.

Ok, so, in this books, they form part of The Omega, an entity of pure darkness, and he can resurrect people giving them a part of himself. So, if you kill one of the undead, the essence will go back to him, but, if this guy sucks it, is destroyed and The Omega becomes weaker and weaker.


The black smoke actually reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus.

Each time you kill a Colossus, a tendril of black smoke – implied to be a piece of Dormin – absorbs itself into Wander. He dies in the process, but Dormin’s will allows him to resurrect in the temple afterwards. After each Colossus he kills, Wander looks more and more ragged, until finally, Dormin ends up reincarnating itself in his body. Things don’t go well for Wander after that.

Considering the other references to anime and video games in this, I doubt the black smoke is a coincidental thing. The first person perspective is no guarantee that the MC won’t meet a terrible fate.


Shhhhhhh. Don’t put this into our heads.


Oh man! Now I’m going to worry that we won’t make it through the end of the game. LOL Darn you! :open_mouth:


Not sure what the smoke is but it seems to go into MC mouth most I’m not sure if the others had breathed it in so maybe it is only meant to happen to MC. I do think it is important and might come up as the story goes on.
Maybe it is a form of corruption for the MC.

As for the MC’s title the sword that cuts the heavens
It does make me wonder are we cutting up more than demons but the Gods instead. What if we were mislead accidentally or intentionally about the demons and why the MC is on this quest in the first place.


That’s possible due to the fact what Shiroyama said when we killed her. She cursed us saying that if we killed her, we’d ruin Hyuga. I’d have to go back and replay the first book to be sure but I’m positive she said something similar to that.


Not only Shiroyama the Baron too when he was decapitated cursed MC and that chaos is coming and he was only trying to bring some order. And it seems with Shatao the smoke darted straight into MC, their mouth and nose. I have to say this is creepy.


I always thought the title ‘The Sword Who Cuts the Heavens’ represented the MC’s capabilities as a swordsman and implied that they were graced with the skill to cut even those of divinity. Though, with the knowledge that ‘Jigoku Ittō-ryū’ translates to Hell’s Release Style, suggests a slightly darker significance to the title.

The concept of divinity of Emperor’s is something to take into account as well. Shintō, Japan’s traditional religion, proposes that the Emperor descended from the gods and was also in contact with them.

Now, I’m not sure if Hyuga follows the belief that their ruler is touched by the gods, but the MC’s title might just be foreboding something…

Also, I don’t think Satsuma is a demon per say, but I wouldn’t put it past the Emperor to pull some strings in order to stay in power. Though if the MC manages to survive all demons and Satsuma is the final mastermind, my ronin will gladly slay the damn lion. I never appreciated being lead around on a leash for the benefit of his hierarchy and I still don’t.


Well the Baron cursed the ronin to living a long life so I’d hardly consider that a curse but rather a gift because usually the ronins and samurais died young and violently. I think it’s not that common to see a old person that used to be a samurai due to the whole seppuku thing they were honor bound to do when their master died. Most samurai would rather commit seppuku than to become a ronin unless their master released them from their service with honor. I may be mistaken on this part but if someone could clear this up for me, that’d be helpful since I don’t know much of their ways.


I think though the Baron intended it as a cursed regardless of how MC could take it mainly as he says “You won this game,(your ronin’s name) I curse you to live long enough to wish you hadn’t” It certainly foreboding that something worse is going to happen. I think the demons seem to know something more about what they are letting on, unless they are just all throwing out empty threats out of spite for being defeated. Which I suppose is not impossible.


Ha I wouldn’t be surprised if that threat was out of spite. Most villains in anime, video games and comics always curses the hero just before they are defeated. But then again the Baron was a kitsune so I also wouldn’t be surprised either if his curse came true.


That does leave me to wonder did the Baron make MC forget out of sympathy for the emotional pain they were experiencing or to make them suffer. I wonder if the Baron knew it would weaken MC somehow.


Well that’s tough to say really. What I do think is that he probably did it out of sympathy after fighting the ronin as the illusion of Sensei and hearing him speak to him as if he was the Sensei and finding out his hatred towards him. But that’s a 50/50 because it was a manipulation demon that we were dealing with after all. He might had been a sucker for love since he did take the Kondo Butcher’s wife as his own and there’s a option to ask the illusion about Junko and we saw the grief that overcame the ronin after he/she heard Sensei’s answer but of course he didn’t know how much it would piss off the ronin at the end.