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Hi, everyone. Samuel here. Some of you have undoubtedly noticed that I have recently shut down all of my Hosted Games WIP threads and deactivated all of my demos. You may have also noticed that the same has been done for Nascent Narcissistic Necromancer and Hostile Hostel, which were WIPs written under my pen name, Sarah Stuber.

I debated on whether to make any explanation for this at all, but I figured that my friends, fans, and incredibly helpful beta testers on this forum deserve at least that much. I have been a member of this community for six years now, and it has been a great experience.

However, I know that it is time for me to move on. I’ll still be working on the sequels to The Magician’s Burden, but those will likely be my last HG titles.

Much of the content that I am itching to make is simply a better fit for my other publisher, Tales. As many of you know, I am currently working on preparing Mass Mother Murderer for release with them.

I have also recently warmed up to their freemium business model a great deal. No sales model is perfect, but the fact that my interactive novels will be published through them for free, with optional paid content, means that they could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people. This is an invaluable asset to me, as I want my stories to reach as many people as possible.

All that said, I will be working hard to finish MMM in the coming months. I also have plans to subsequently pitch Nascent Narcissistic Necromancer, The Enchanter’s Misery, and all of my other WIPs to Tales in due time. I will, of course, still occasionally be present here as a fan of Choice of Games, a Hosted Games author, and as a member of this amazing community.

If you would like to talk about any of my current WIPs, including NNN, TEM, Skeletons Can’t Press Charges, Hostile Hostel, Winter of the Bovine, and The Twisted Village, please do so here for now.

Lastly, I would like to thank Choice of Games for everything that they have done for me. The chance to publish my first story at eighteen years old and to continue to release titles over the years has helped me grow immeasurably, and on more than one occasion the great staff at CoG has put more faith in me than I deserved.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, everyone.

Also, since people are curious why I used the name Sarah Stuber for some of my WIPs:


Wish you luck in your endeavours. I don’t like Tales business model so I won’t use that service. Still, If you want me as a tester or just simply get in a discussion about how your purple prose has evolved or Why You are obsessed with kill cats … You know where contact with me. :wink:


Hey, Samuel, will you be continuing The Magician’s Burden trilogy through Hosted Games or is that series effectively on hiatus?


WHAT?! I’m genuinely shocked! Never thought these two are the same person.(‘◉⌓◉’)

Wish you luck anyway, and I really enjoyed the ride, although I don’t like Tale’s business model so I won’t use that service(sorry Mara copy and paste your statement XD), but I’m still curious about how things would play out in NNN, so it might change.:wink:


This has been unexpected but, I’m glad you’re fine (I thought that maybe you were going to rough time in life) and that you’re continuing writing even if it’s in Tales which I’m pretty much with @poison_mara and @anon57188313.
So good luck Mr. @Samuel_H_Young. :blush:

P. S. I didn’t knew either you were Sara Stuber…:rofl:


Good question that I forgot to address. Yes, I’ll still be working on my Magicians series, but those will likely be my last HG titles.

@anon57188313 and @poison_mara
If it helps at all, all Premium choices that you buy are your own property, so they’re saved for new playthroughs. I know some freemium games don’t do that.

Yeah, a few people caught on, as I didn’t put in too much effort behind the alter ego, but a lot of people will be surprised, I’m sure.

Either way, I was overjoyed to see NNN pretty easily outstrip all my other WIPs in popularity, despite being out for a shorter amount of time.


I had a scepticism talking Sarah in pm like Wait… That’s familiar. But I don’t think i thought in you. I thought she was copying your style so I was grumpy with Sarah. Sorry Sam in a way was for defending you sort of This is weird.

I wasn’t so aggressive? Was I?


Tbh, I was laughing at the vintage Mara :joy: no harm done.


You know me after working with me lol. You can handle me … But still, Lol Is funny as hell.

This count as an Epic fail for sure. But You should have said that to me to avoid my embarrassment Sam


Grumpy @poison_mara is adorable :smile:
I still want to kill Goro… :smiling_imp:


So… Why did you come up with “Sarah” if you were already writing under the name Samuel?
Sorry if my question is rude, I’m just genuinely curious. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, of course.

  • I knew I had way too many WIPs so I figured I should split them between multiple names to make it look less insane. Genius, I know.

  • I wanted to see if people would still react aggressively over dark, adult content if it didn’t have my name behind it. I felt some of my works were treated unfairly, especially as the rape fantasy, Samurai of Hyuga 4, passed through the publishing process like a knife through jelly.

  • It was also a way of sort of honoring my late grandmother, Sarah Stuber, and my stillborn sister, Sarah.


What tales title you working on?. I honestly intrested to try because you move there


Glad to hear it! Currently I have a contract for Mass Mother Murderer. I’ll link that in the original post.


Sad to see you go, Sam. But you have to do what is right for you. So long and thanks for all the fish.


Jeez, and I thought Sarah was just blatantly imitating you. Should’ve been obvious in retrospect but I guess I never figured someone would make a pen name to write the same stuff they make under their real name.

Anyway, I’ve been looking to try Tales for a little while now but I have to wait until they get on Android. RIP

Edit: Haha I can still edit this. Bake yourself some humble pie, Sam, please. I doubt changing your surroundings is going to make anything better for you if you still act the same.


Well, that explains why the writing was so extremely similar.

Good luck in your future endeavors, Samuel! :blush:


I wish you fair wind in your next endeavour ! To you and Luna :blush:


Interesting little Richard Bachman experiment there, even if, like King, you did get mixed results in that a lot of people still sniffed it out. Sorry to lose you to the freemium side, but I can understand the appeal of getting an advance like that. Good luck, and remember to keep the darkness on the page and not inside of you where it does a lot more damage.


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