Saint Valentine's Game Jam starts now!

Hi, @poison_mara I hope it is okay to post the prologue of my story for the Jam :sweat_smile:

@N-Rogue if that is what you were talking about, well, have a read and leave a message in the Jam. @poison_mara was right, this was painful to code :sweat_smile:


Hey, this is exactly what I had in mind, @CC_Hill. I appreciate the effort you went through to include text bubbles in the various chats, though I suspect it’d be easier on you if you wrote the chats more conventionally.

In any case, the idea has potential. Thank you for sharing the game with us!


Yeah, thanks @CC_Hill also HAPPY NEW YEAR


Today we have the most voted author in the last jam @CC_Hill here is her tumbr game direction
Question1: How did you prepare your story for the theme of the jam? Did you do something special based on the existence of a deadline?

Was roaming through the forum threads and saw the Jam while I was still working of another project. I wanted to give the Jam a try and decided to go with a goofy story where you must eat candy to survive and where you get lost in a timeline full of monsters. When I started coding the story, it was supposed to be only for the Jam and very short. Now it had turned into a big project and will probably be the first story that I will finish.

Question 2: Do you create the plot before the playable mechanics? Or do you first create the Stats and other mechanisms of the game?

I create stats and mechanics first, although plot and story are already stuck in my head and I must find a way to extract them and write them down to be readable to others. I like to have all my codes drafted and ready to be used before I can add narratives and choices.

Question 3: How do you define the experience of the jam? What would you like to see in a new edition?

It was a very positive experience, I enjoyed how each participant went out of their way to help each other, whether if it was a coding question or about a mechanic in the game or suggestion about the choice of words used in the game, and my favorite part was the boost and motivation that we got from one another every time one of us would start feeling down or unmotivated.

In a new edition, I would like to see the same good spirit, the same inclusiveness, it was refreshing to see that no matter what we wrote, short story or long story, we all had fun and we all wrote something and participated.

Question 4: Talk us about your other projects and what inspire you the most.

I have a weakness for stories with a twist, or a story where the reader has to figure out stuff for themselves. This is why I’m currently working on 3 WIPs at the moment, but I’m trying to focus on one at a time. What inspires me is the idea of doing something fun and good. Just thinking that someone will read a line from my book and laugh out loud or fall in love with one of my character is what keep me going.

Question 5: Do you have any advice for the jam participants?

Yes, keep writing. No story is too bland, or too short, or uninteresting. Every story is worth being told because there is an audience for every content, dark, funny, smutty, sad, silly no matter what it is, someone will read it. Yes, lack of feedback or a bad review will put you down for a day or two, but if you have put in time and effort in your story, it is worth continuing and worth being put out there. Keep writing.


Thanks for having me @poison_mara. Keep on the good work :slight_smile:


You really deserve it, and I hope your interview helping the readers to start their own writings, being games or not.


I You just need Inspiration I just recommend Postmodern jukebox it helps a lot to immerse in the atmosphere and yet make it modern.


Omg those are great :smile: going to binge this entire youtube channel now…


Postmodern jukebox are one of my main inspirations to write lately, I can’t write with music. However, hear music before start, increase my inspiration and their versions are the best. For instance, in the last jam, Their version of creep inspired and is the one Daisy the Eyeless my Eldritch horror was singing.


Polishing up my game now! I’m excited for everyone to play it! :heart:


I think you will have the only game so far. So I am sure you will have a lot of feedback for it!


Well, even if a lot of people weren’t able to participate, I’m glad you made this game jam! I had a lot of fun writing The Valentine Caper, and wouldn’t have made it otherwise! I’d love some feedback :heart:


Big thanks to @Luiza for her awesome entry.

But now the big question


This jam was a sound failure, so I heavy apologize even if I tried my best. But I need to know if people would want anything done for Halloween. If people want, I will do my best to add content and help participants even more.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Very yes. It was so much fun last year, and I’d like to try to write something scarier this time.


@poison_mara, I’m sorry I haven’t submitted anything. I had an idea for a game, but I didn’t quite have the time to develop it properly. :frowning:


There is no problem, the important part is that you were inspired to a future idea, that is the main objective of a jam.


I was browsing for some music and thought this sounds “lovely” as potential BGM for the soiree in your story :musical_keyboard: : Toxic (Britney Spears Jazz Cover) - Postmodern Jukebox At The Piano - YouTube


PMJ is one of my favourite music projects and have already posted some of their videos.


While it’s true that there weren’t many submissions, I wouldn’t call the jam a failure. I think that, besides the troubling state of the world right now, the CoG forum never had a big tradition of game jams, usually leaning more towards the “Create a thread, post a WiP” system. The only thing comparable were the ChoiceScript Tournaments, and they haven’t been held in a few years.

In a way, I think these jams are trailblazing a new way to post CS games on the forum, and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a new one for Halloween. :slightly_smiling_face:


Or one for the Summer? I like the jams, although I do not have good ideas for them