Sad Truth

Me at the beginning of the year:

“Oh boy! Long awaited follow-ups to Fallen Hero, the Infinity Saga, and Wayhaven one month after the next! Yippee!”

Me after wrapping all three sequels and thinking ahead to however long the next wait will be for the next entries:


See you in my 40s for the sequels


If there had been no image or title for this song, would have known it right off. Used to watch old reruns with my dad on SciFi Channel (back in the pre-SyFy days).

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That music certainly sticks with you, doesn’t it?

That’s probably the last time that I saw the show too, but I am old enough to have caught it during its original run. I even got to meet Lou Ferrigno and get his autograph when I was 5. I wish that I could say that I still had it but it got lost through the years.


On the bright side Unnatural Season 2, Blood Moon, and ITFO are all around the corner.


Longing for things and finally getting them just to change the subject of the longing.

How funny that this thread seems to sum up what is living in this society.


Tbh, when I read the thread’s title, i thought finally ! I found another poor soul like me who still hasn’t got the time to sit down and have a good reading of all these HG we are getting lately…
But nope its just me :smiling_face_with_tear:, a university student drowning in workload, seeing everybody talk about FH and Wayhaven, making fan art of them, mentioning some juicy scenes. And yet being unable to read any of them. I have to resist taking a peek at the spoilers which are calling my name.

PS : All the titles included in the frame are games which are still in my to read list.


Your willpower is admirable!

And yeah, there certainly are releases that I’m looking forward to, but the 1-2-3 punch of those three titles is going to be pretty hard to beat. Those series are in my ChoiceScript stratosphere.

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