Roots (Mythology WIP) - Updated 12/16/20

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The tumblr link will be in the first post. I hope to see you all there. :slight_smile:


So I’m about a third of the way into the next chapter and I am very eager to share what I have.

I’m contemplating on updating the demo at the halfway point (which would be the equivalent of one completed scene). I’m wondering if I should just hold off and only update when a chapter is done completely even though it will take more time before you guys hear back from me.

I would really appreciate it if you guys would help me decide :slight_smile:


I usually update my demo halfway through a chapter, so that I can fix bugs and grammatical errors easily, compared to a chapter worth of editing. Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small parts.

Anyway, follow your heart or your liver. :man_shrugging:


What places could we visit in this game, assuming it was finished? My name makes it kinda obvious what place I wanna see

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Thank you for taking an interest in my demo!

Your question is a really good one! However, I’m not sure if you mean your username or the real name on your profile :sweat_smile:

If you’re asking if the MC will eventually end up in the American Southwest, and maybe feature Native American mythology the answer is yes! I do plan on that being explored.

If you’re wondering if I’m going to explore Celtic or Scottish mythology, I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t originally planning on it. But I am very open to the idea and I can see how it can be incorporated to some of the things I have planned.


I meant my username. I’m from Texas, so I’d love to see my home-state in this, but hey, that’s just me with my Texas-sized state pride! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Very small update pushed out tonight.

You probably won’t see another update until this chapter is finished. I’m really not sure when that’s going to be but hopefully sometime soon! More information about that in the first post.

Please tell me what you all think and don’t be afraid to drop a like!


I promised I would port over questions from tumblr onto here so here’s the first little round. :smiley:

Tumblr Questions

From Anon: wait, wait, wait, wait… is Misao a kitsune?

Yes! Misao is a kitsune!

Specifically a kitsune that currently works under Inari Okami, though they didn’t always used to. If you romance them you’ll find out more about that >:)

They are genderfluid and will switch between male and female as they see fit during the course of the story.

The choice in the beginning of the story is only to set your character’s preference as to how they will present most of the time.

From Anon: Ahhhhhh I love your game! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m especially excited to see the other ROs. Misao seems interesting

I’m really glad that you’re enjoying it so far! Misao is one of my older OC’s and I’m really excited to show them off to you guys.

I’ll give you a brief description of who I have planned as other possible ROs.

We have:

  • Anela - Demigoddess and daughter of Hi’iaka, Hawaiian Goddess of Hula, Chants, Sorcery and Medicine
  • Louis - A minor god of transportation with no affiliation. He’s very fond of rats and considers them his patron animal.

From Anon: Did you already plan the whole plot? And do you have any idea about how long the game is going to be?

These are both very good questions! I do have the plot planned out to a certain point but unfortunately I don’t have concrete numbers as to how long this game will be as of right now.

My goal however is at least 21 chapter including the prologue, but that is subject to change.

Thank you for your ask!

Be aware that there are some slight spoilers!


Well the update is great. There aren’t any glaring errors or bugs, and the introduction of Misao is very interesting. They will probably be my favourite character. Are they likely to turn from human to fox often throughout the story?


Interesting, I like the first RO. I think this would be one of the few and my first genderfluid RO. Will they stay in the gendered form they presented as based on your choice of orientation, or will they switch regardless?


I like how Misao already doesn’t care about we learning what they are



Yes! They will probably switch between the two forms often.

The choice you make in the beginning is how Misao will present most of the time but I do plan on having them switch at certain scenes no matter what you choose.

They’re a very old being and are quite blunt. It’s been hundreds of years since Misao’s last been on Earth and they’d rather tell the truth than have to hide what they are.


I am glad that Misao will change genders and forms, regardless of how the player behaves.

I am confused about something though. Why did Misao appear as a fox when we pick up the pearl, then become human to ask if we found a pearl they had lost, only to turn into a fox for a second time no matter what the player picks? Did they have a reason or was it more so you could introduce that Misao is a kitsune?


they kind of answered it above


Not what I was asking. Not being secretive, and randomly doing something are different. I could understand them walking up to us in fox form and talking, but switching back and forth for no reason, especially after trying to conceal the truth about the pearl is strange. Strange from a story perspective, obviously the MC will find it strange anyway.


They keep to a fox form for the most part because that’s how they view themselves. They only switch to a more human form to approach you because they figured it would be the thing that would freak you out the least.

I haven’t really explained this in the demo yet but having the pearl in your hand will make you see through Misao’s glamour instantly. Depending on the choices you make, Misao either reveals themselves willingly or the pearl will show the MC what their true nature is.

It was a really good question to ask and I hope that helped to answer it!


Oh. That is really interesting. When I played through it I did not notice that whether I had the pearl in my hand changed anything. I thought they turned into a fox once I looked away, which weirded me out.

I absolutely love this game so far, I can’t wait for the next update.

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Hey everyone! Deers here with a brief weekly update! Progress has been slow but steady on Chapter 1, but I’d thought I would share a tumblr ask I got recently. This is specifically if you’re interested in knowing more about the romance options you’ll encounter later in the game.

Beware of Spoilers!

Hey love what you’ve put out so far! Your writing is great and has an easy but polished feel to it :slight_smile::slight_smile: Can’t wait to see more from you!!! :purple_heart: can I ask about any the ROs personalities? (If you you want them to be experienced purely in games that’s fine!) and what do they find attractive in people? :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Thank you so much for sending me an ask! I would love to share more about the ROs :smiley:

Some of this might be spoilery though so stop reading now if you aren’t into that!

Misao - Usually very calm and collected, they do have a spark of mischievousness that shows from time to time. They become very out of their element when forced to go to Earth.

Despite that, they never stop trying their hardest to protect the MC and fulfill the directive given to them by Inari, the god they serve.

They appreciate caution and MC’s who aren’t willing to jump into the fray unnecessarily or make rash decisions.

Anela - Unlike some deities who try to distance themselves from their demigod children, those in the Hawaiian Pantheon are very involved in their children’s lives. She will eventually join the MC as a way to get off the island and to finally do things on her own terms, rather than what tradition dictates.

She loves it when the MC speaks their mind and takes action.

Louis - He has a penchant for mischief and likes to take odds and ends out of pockets as tribute for those who ride his subway system. He doesn’t have many friends since not many people are aware he even exists.

He’s the type of god who developed to fill a void of unanswered prayer. Commuter’s asking to not be late, people wishing for good seats, student’s who need money for the fare. He’ll answer or ignore these requests as he pleases.

MC’s who are charming will catch his attention the most.

Hope that you all had a good Thanksgiving and I’ll see you next update!


Another tiny update.

I’d say what I have up is probably close to the halfway point in the chapter. There was a ton of branching I had to do and a lot of hemming and hawing trying to make all the choices flow together neatly to where I wanted.

So I want to make sure I have that all fixed up while I finish up the rest of the chapter. I’ve also made some edits since the last update for better flow and other spelling and grammar mistakes.

Changes: Someone on tumblr pointed out that I accidently switched the MC’s height during one portion. The issue should be fixed!


The update is nice. One typo I found was after choosing to give Misao the pearl when they were human, and after they were revealed as a kitsune. Specifically if you act cool, it says you can comfortable make eye contact. Which should be comfortably.

Other than that I am liking the story and Misao more and more.

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