Romance Stat Questions

I saw a similar post but I have a questions regarding romance. I’ve read on some posts that a good amount of people like when the relationship area actually states what you are in words? I.e Tommy is at 40% and underneath it says something like “Tommy can barely stand you”.

Would you also like if it said Tommy’s romance stat is 10, he’s interested in you. Also, I was wondering about thoughts on proclaiming the people you want to romance? Let’s say there’s three people in the story you’re interested in romancing, there could be a choice that says “Are you interested in romancing so and so?” And though this won’t lock you, it’ll just pull up romance stats for those specific people.

Personally I wouldn’t make it a simple choice like that. I’d be inclined to do something like having a potential partner meet your characters ‘glance’ from across the room then the player can, for instance, have a choice to turn that glance into a lingering look to indicate interest or just look away quickly to reject them. You could use different scenarios for each character that yours might be interested in. Means more work, obviously, but it adds some additional interest for your readers :wink:

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It would be nice if it said something at different intervals for the relationship stats. Say at 100% its love, then maybe every 10 or 20% it’ll say something different.
0%: Tommy ignores you
10%: Tommy occasionally throws a hello your way when you enter the room.
20%: Tommy asks how your day has been.

Stuff like that. It’s nice to check the relationship stats if I know the text will change (Tin Star does this really well)

For relationship declaration. Going that route takes me out of the immersion of the story if I had to proclaim who I am going to romance. Usually when playing I already know who I want to romance, and I will pursue that choice so having a choice is kind of weird? Furthermore, if it isn’t going to be lock in I’m not sure what the point of the choice is if you could just change it later on. Unless you have a point of no return. Wayhaven Chronicles locks you in at the end I think.

As lunawisp said, going that route might be better. Maybe your romance interest asks you to hang out and you can say yes or no, or say your character has a free day/tickets to an important event and you can choose who to hang out with.


Have you tried The Wayhaven Chronicles Book One? This is a great sample of what @lunawisp stated. Though the story is centered around character relationships, the indicator in the relationship stat page is only a minor mechanic. But the author’s style is more catered to those readers who want to maintain their MC’s personalities even if the chosen RO has an opposite personality.


Yep, that’s exactly what got me thinking about it. I actually love how simple yet highly effective the relationship stats were.

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