Rockstar Game: Six String Legend WIP (NEW DEMO 3/30)


Hey, guys. I have enjoyed COG for a long time, and I have wanted to created a Guitarist / Rock Band type game for a long time. Just today I discovered the new environment which allows for easier coding, and I decided to give it another shot. I had previously scrapped this idea due to being a suck coder and not liking anything I had written, but I really hate to give up on it. I created this small intro today, but I wanted to post it and ask for the community’s general opinion and see if it sparked any interest. I would love feedback of any kind, and please feel free to be as harsh as you think you need to be to make your point. I’m pretty much completely new to writing creatively, and this was all created in a single day so there are definitely some awkward sentences that I am less than satisfied with. I didn’t really take the time to polish due to the fact that posting this was an impulsive, last minute decision. Thanks guys.

Without wasting any more time…
Life of a Guitarist (Working Title since I can’t use “Choice of”)

Other 'be a film star' games beyond Hollywood Visionary?

Edit: Link works as intended now.


Just in case anyone was wondering I was thinking about making it pretty large and taking your character all the way though high school and college with many jumping off points to head west and try to make it. I’m thinking many choices in band members and romance options can only be a plus. I want to allow for some choice in musical style especially as the player character matures musically, and I have been thinking up many different endings ranging from achieving your rockstar dreams to becoming a total burnout to giving up and becoming a salesman or something.

Let me know what direction you guys would like to see the game go or whatever. Cool.


To make it playable from dropbox compile the game and put the compiled game on dropbox.
Then share the link. Copy-paste the link to here and change the www to dl and dropbox to dropboxusercontent.


Thank you. :smile:
I’m typing this line in order to exceed 20 characters.


What’s with the fixed last name?


It seemed easier to write. I can definitely change that if it will bother people. At the time I was just trying to get the code to work and some of the stat stuff has changed since I figured it out the first time. The actual name “marshall” just has a weird way of appearing in guitarist stuff, Marshall Amplification, James Marshall Hendrix, Jim Marshall (rock photographer).

It just seems to pop up a lot with people who are a really big deal for rock music.


I don’t know a thing about rock music :grin:
That’s probably why I don’t get most of those references.

As for the game, the coding looks decent, and it’s probably got potential, but it’s just not my thing.
I’m sure you’ll find others who can appreciate it on this forum though.
Good luck.


That’s cool. There isn’t much to go on yet and most of it is just my obsessing over guitars, but I’m planning to make it a lot more relatable, and hopefully I’ll be able to write in some parts that educate the uninitiated about guitars and rock music too. Thanks for explaining dropbox to me.


This looks good to start with. As a music student, looking forward to seeing how this goes, and love the small references!


Although I’m a drummer, I’m definetly looking forward for this project :smile:


“Life of A” is Lucid’s thing, his games are Life of a Wizard, Life of a Mobster, so I’d suggest steering clear of that and finding something fun and unique as your own title. If it’s a game about rock music then why not use a rock reference?


Thanks. Glad you like it so far.

I hope I can convey excitement for music in general as well as just the guitar. Glad you liked it.

You are right. I will certainly be changing the title. I just dropped it in there because I knew I couldn’t use "Choice of"
I will definitely be thinking of something more unique in the near future. Thanks :smile:


Hey, I am happy to see that so many have checked out the demo so far, but I still crave your feedback.

Please comment and let me know what you think even if you felt that the demo was boring or poorly written. I appreciate all criticism. Thanks again, everyone.


How early in rock is this? Like Elvis or is like modern times with Avenged Sevenfold?


Great so far, liking your writing style. Might want to open up the surname to player choice as well in future revisions though.


I like the tone and flow. Hope more inspiration strikes you : )


I picked new york and it says life on the west coast lol, last i check, new york is not exactly west coast. =)


@Zanity It is supposed to communicate that you move to the west coast, but I could have missed a *goto or something. I’ll check

@Zanite Thanks a lot. I think I’m going to pursue the project further. Glad you liked it.

@LordOfLA Thanks, I seem to be getting a lot of feedback about that, so I will definitely do so. Glad you liked it.

I am thinking about setting it in the current moment, but I already mentioned Megadeth so I guess it has to be at least the 90’s


Most of the ChoiceScript games present a list of options and a “type your own name” box, you might want to follow along in the same tradition :smile: