Rise of the pirate a WIP


Hi everyone, my friend and I are working on Rise of the pirate, which we hope shall be a great success. So you probably want to know what this game is all about. As the title suggests you play as an young pirate who aspires to gain the time honored title of “Pirate Legend”. As of now it starts out as a series of unconnected adventures that soon lead up to something epic (or at least we hope you guys will think of it as epic once you see it). Right now we are collecting ideas and are open to all suggestions/comments/criticisms if you have any. As for a demo it will take a good while to get one out seeing as we both have tight schedules.

Tempest Ten (WIP) [DEMO]

Sounds interesting, I can’t wait for the demo!


Thanks but its gonna be a while like I said mabye a month or so till we have it up and running but until then we welcome all ideas B-)


choices: appearance, name, beginning stats buildup, background,romance options, crew members, ship name, ship type, place of birth(guess that would go with background), and some other stuff.


Actually I forgot to mention we plan on having the PC in a moderate fantasy setting and giving them magic to play around with


I’d suggest choice of race, then, if you’d allow that (Elves and whatnot; I’m a sucker for Elves for some reason).

Also, a kraken fight at some point. It just ain’t a pirate story without a kraken fight.


That was actually planned from the beginning you’ll also be able to get a number of badass weapons to use (I.e. katana, Neapolitan kukri, tratnyr, falchion, rapier, etc.) and we might put in a choice of races thanks :ar!


Honestly, I feel like it should be like CoBroadsides. Except theres no over all rank. It’d be you aspiring to captain of a ship, by buying your own or planning a mutiny. Should be lots of ways to die or be imprisoned for life. A major part should be battling the government. But also terf battles with other pirates. Sound plausible?


Lots of ways to die? Yes! Planning a mutiny? My opinion I think it’d be cooler to steal a ship in the middle of the night and not get caught doing it, definetely not gonna buy a ship i mean if your a pirate why would you? You could take it by force or steal it. Also being imprisoned for life? Yup but dosent mean your stuck there if you know what I mean… The turf battles? Yup, I think it would be interesting to see how that would play out, and there will most definetely be a good lot of pirate vs navy battles and situations.


You make a good point! Why would you buy a ship… Steal one right from the governments hands, in a jack sparrow way… yes I like it. Seems like this story should have plenty of side branches. But after all the effort it would be EPIC!!!


Said it would take a while didn’t I? Lol :ar!


Also as a side note who here has seen One Piece (the funamation dub)?


(the funamation dub)No the official anime yes!


Hey if you could give us an opinion that would be great
We were thinking of using this stat chart:
Ship Name:
Ship Type:
Pieces of Eight:


Furious vs Levelheaded
Bloodthirsty vs Merciful
Coldhearted vs Caring

Ship stats:
Hull Strength

Crew Stats


(We haven’t really decided who the PC has relationship stats for so we’re leaving this blank. Also if anyone knows how to change the name of the stat chart plz tell us)


Why are we taking from the pirates of the Caribbean using “Pieces of Eight?”


It’s not from pirates of the Caribbean I’m pretty sure it was around before POC but correct me if I’m wrong


…maybe. I just know it from the movies


Actually it was the name given to Spanish silver pieces bc the were worth 8 Raleigh’s


Learn something new every day.


Can you guys give us an idea of what kind of ships you’d want to see? :ar!