Rise of Games Wip (Updated April 21th) (Small Update)

In Rise of Games, you play as a the lead developer of the main development team at your studio. imagine Hollywood visionary but a more focused on the management side of it and with games.

this is very bare bones and will have many new choice by the end of the next week, i’m just need to get my main project The New Order, and as that is my main project this is on the backburner, but a major amount of work has been put into it to get it made so here you guys go run wild.

It says the Title is something else I have to fix that please be patient


There are many spelling and grammar errors, but assuming that you are aware of those, I would say that the concept by itself is not particularly interesting, and that you don’t introduce characters in a way that allows us to grasp their beliefs.

Hopefully your projects grows to be promising.


I would like to give you an opinion, but when In have to choose a Logo I can’t because of an intend Error (all three Options) plus I can’t See the pictures. (Could just be me as I’m on mobile right now.)

Others then that the errors make it rather hard for me to follow the story. Otherwise I look forward to your future updates.


@Axe-L-Rose Yes, I am aware that there are spelling and grammar issues in it. that just how my mind works, I just miss stuff like that. and on the fact that it’s not really interesting. that may just be the fact that I haven’t found a hook for the reader or that right now the game is entirely about the business, unlike Gilded rails where you also had to get married. as for the characters if you wanted to, you could give me suggestions as a to do that, that would be helpful.

@ck_moises I am so sorry about that I will fix the errors quickly, as for the pictures I forgot to upload them to dashingdon, again so sorry about that.


Tell us how much the MC knows about the character, if it is a lot, then add it as a tidbit when something relevant comes up, or when the MC talks to that character, if they know nothing about the character, have that character express some of their personality traits in the way they act, and react to you choices, for example, when deciding the genre type for a game, if you know a character that would like a particular genre type, have the MC think of that before they choose, and if they don’t know that character, maybe have them off-handedly mention their dissatisfaction or satisfaction in the current project, with a relationship modification to boot.

P. S

Like in Evertree Inn, you can make a list of each character’s likes and dislikes and it could help determine the best dialog and game design choices to get on their good side, they don’t have to be polarizing, it can overlap and have indifference in regarding some choices, but in that line, will this be more about the games we make, or the people we make them with?


no Its fine, I actually like that relationship boost idea, as for is this a game about making a game or about the people we make them with, it is more of a middle ground of them with you having to try to keep everyone happy so the game will be quality made and having to think like a businessman.

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I would suggest labeling what the blanks do its very confusing

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I’m sorry about that, I tried to make sure it wasn’t but I’ll try to fix it accordantly

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I like the idea could be fun. Look forward to seeing more.

Is this game still being worked on? I really enjoyed the idea but it seems to have stalled out

It’s Still being worked on, it just the fact that I’m working on The New Order and that this is my secondary project, but after the huge update I did with the New Order, I need a break, but before I get back to work on the New Order I’m going to get back to this, Sorry for the inconvenience.

I want to Tell you guys this so @Jackpot1776 Here another answer

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it need work , but every story can bloom if worked on :slight_smile:

That said : where is mah easy mode?
and what are MODE?

I decide that I was going to work on one Mode so I Had a poll in the interest thread to decide what one I was going to do first and that happened to be Medium Mode

Awesome! Glad to hear it’s coming back! 2 things,

I got this error and you spelled apparently wrong :grin:

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What Choice did you make to get that error. and Bloodborne is an awesome company name.

@E_RedMark Could you give me a screenshot of the page where MODE is, cause I don’t know what you mean

its at the beginning . It say ‘‘This Game uses what is called Modes, You can toggle them on and off if you want.’’ .

So yeah , that .

oh , i’m dumb, There are basically Difficulty settings

lol why not just use ‘Difficulty’ instead of Mode ? never heard that word…

I probably should do that, I probably couldn’t think of the word and mode just stuck.

and for curiosity’s sake, are you not a native English speaker