Rider (New WIP)

You probably have to wait as the rest of us. :slight_smile:


Okay, I really wanted to have at least a small update for the new year, so here you go! Link is still the same, it really is just a small update, but figuring out the code for hair colors took me longer than I thought it would. XD

Love, Leo


Update! Never thought you will also describe mc appearance that detail :thinking: and why i have bad feeling about this narcissistic guy?

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Your haircolor codes for dyed hair’s natural colour can be shortened:

However, your natural hair color is quite different, being:
    *if (haircolor != "black")
	    #Black in color.
		  *set danehair "black"
		  Dane's still natural dark strands complement his ${skintone} skin quite nicely.
		  *goto eyecheck
	*if (haircolor != "brown")
		#Brown in color.
		  *set danehair "brown"
		  Dane's still natural chocolate brown strands complement his ${skintone} skin quite nicely.
		  *goto eyecheck
	*if (haircolor != "red")
		#Red in color.
		  *set danehair "red"
		  Dane's still natural bright red strands stand out against his ${skintone} skin quite nicely.
		  *goto eyecheck
	*if (haircolor != "blonde")
		#Blonde in color.
		  *set danehair "blonde"
		  Dane's still natural light strands complement his ${skintone} skin quite nicely.
		  *goto eyecheck
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I wonder… how do people access these codes?

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There’s a thread giving the method, here:


Thank you! :heart: I knew there was probably an easier way to do it but couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. >>


:sweat_smile: Sorry, no update yet, super busy right now, but two things I wanted to let you guys know:

One, talked to my nonbinary classmate a few days ago, and they told me that yes, letting nb people type in their preferred pronouns would be awesome. So, I’m going to try and figure that out, hope to have it in next update.

Two…hating myself right now for deciding on 14 Rider trainees per class, lol. 13 unique trainees + their Thysosi = dead Leo. And while they are - in my head - the most prominent characters, they are hardly the only ones…

Anyway, wanted to post my current outlines for the trainees for development purposes. Please note I’m only posting the basics because I don’t know how a charrie will actually turn out until they’re written. :3 Therefore, in case things change around, only posting the basics.

  1. MC (Human): 18 years old
  2. Talia Lameko (Human): 18 years old - female - not interested in romance
  3. Joseph Ward (Human): 18 years old - male - pan
  4. Ricki Summers/Rana et’Shallowbrook (Changeling): 18 years old - genderfluid (she/her) - pan - Summer Court faerie
  5. Cruz Viveros (Lich): 25 years old (19 at time of death) - nonbinary (ey/em) - pan - human lich
  6. Xiaoli Jin (Shi/Imperial Guardian Lion): 47 years old - female - pan - technically Jin Xiaoli, Jin being her surname and Xiaoli her first name
  7. Haruka Fujimoto (Tengu): 20 years old - male - hetero - technically Fujimoto Haruka, Fujimoto being his surname and Haruka his first name
  8. Vanessa Hasina (Vampire): 30 years old - female - hetero - Bloodborn (born vampire)
  9. Ichtaca Tochtli (Eagle Shifter): 20 years old - male - homo - nickname is “Taca” (ta-kuh)
  10. Mira Bhasin (Rikshas/Bear Shifter): 17 years old - female - homo
  11. Arturo Romano (Merman): 19 years old - male - pan - merfolk royalty (but far down the line of succession)
  12. Juliette Denis (1/2 dragon, 1/2 werecat): 21 years old - female - pan - dragon father, werecat mother
  13. Kent iv’Fadeev (Dullahan): 19 years old - male - bi - Winter Court faerie - originally was a cat shifter
  14. Themba et’Redwood (Elf): 40 years old - nonbinary (they/them) - not interested in romance - Summer Court faerie - Ricki’s rival

Thanks for the update, they do seem like quite a few characters haha, but I’m interested in seeing what comes of them!

Sidenote (bit offtopic, sorry): Excited for Andromeda?


I don’t know… I mean, yes, there are lots of other guys I could romance, but does the only gay guy have to be a 40-year-old fairy? :expressionless:

I am painfully intrigued…

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You missed a great joke where you could’ve named her Jin Huli instead XD. Well, a joke when you’re using the westernised version of her name, that is…


Omg, I have it pre-ordered. So exciiitteed! I don’t mind being off topic for ME, lol. It comes out during my spring break too which is just perfect. :heart: flails everywhere

Sorry, is that weird? 0-0

30-50 years old for some Magi species including most of the Fae Folk is pretty relative to 15-20 years old in humans. Also, sort of spoiler, since Riders contain part of the gods’ power, they all age even slower which means the MC shouldn’t have to worry about age differences in the future. >>

As to why faeries, or Fae folk, well they make up the vast majority of the population from which the MC’s class of trainees are selected from. Hence 4 Fae trainees. Also, just because they are Fae does not mean they are cute, small, and have butterfly wings or whatever people think of, lol. What Fae folk have in common: talented at nature magic, bound to courts based on the seasons…and that’s about it.

Please let me know if it still seems weird. :heart:

This might take me a second to get…like “holy?” Unless this is a Chinese joke in which case wode Zhongwen bu tai hao. :S

Oh, one last note. Idk if all the trainees are going to survive to RO stage, XD. I swear there will be at least two choices for everyone but some trainees may not make it into Riders and I might be more interested in giving you a few non-Rider ROs. We’ll see how it goes~ (now off to bed for me!)

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Yeah… nope. It’s actually kinda… or more, much more than ‘kinda’ an insult.


just one example… of the many XD


I guess part of the problem is that when I hear “40 year old fairy” I think of this guy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More seriously, it doesn’t help that “fairy” is occasionally used as a derogatory term for a gay guy, which obviously doesn’t mean that fairies can’t be gay, but it does mean that if the only gay guy is a literal fairy, it could be problematic.


Well, technically, he’s a Chaneque.

But, if it’s that problematic, I guess something could be done? Characters aren’t finalised, after all.

Yeah, the joke being that “Huli Jing” is used as an insult in place of “slut” or “vixen”

At least, I think that’s what @ParrotWatcher meant. My Chinese is pretty terrible too.

Yep, definitely not the nicest thing to be called.

Also because the name was derived from actual mythical fox spirits.

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Yes, I’m aware of its origins.

I’m Chinese Singaporean, but I dropped the language as a subject very early on, so I can only speak basic phrases although I do understand most spoken Chinese.

Being around my Grandmother when she’s watching shitty local TV series is how I understand words in context :stuck_out_tongue:

EDITERINO: Oh I didn’t realise you were Singaporean as well

Actually, that last comment was just a general addition, not directed at you, though, seeing as you understood it already lol

Singaporean huh… well this in interesting, and quite uncommon… XD

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