"Revolution Diabolique"—Summon demons to win the French Revolution!

Well, that’s because you obfuscated the code with your standardized thresholds. :slight_smile:

Joking aside, the main trick is to remember which direction each variable is going in for each agenda item. It’s worse for the four factions because they’re dynamic, of course (leading to hairball situations like the Catholic Anarchists).


If the author made a huge update on that game, what changes do you want to see? I mostly want expanded story and mechanics

More dialogue and better-defined characters. A more coherent story, even if that means a little more inherent structure and direction, particularly in the political faction routes. More narrative flow; less episodic jerkiness. Text that reflects and responds to my character’s stance on the issues, including how their opinions may evolve over time. Make history story-relevant and invest it with high stakes and emotional impact, rather than info-dumping.


I just finished my review for Revolution Diabolique. Thanks for reading!


Thanks! This upcoming patch absolutely will address some of the issues you noted, especially the randomized ROs.


This is a review for “Revolution Diabolique”, I really appreciated the game, the way you have liberty to choose from different backgrounds and influence directly the way the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror that occurred thereafter is just amazing. But while playing, I noticed many times that not always is clear what is happening on the world abroad. For example, during this time period, a lot of important personalities who influenced the western politics, sciences and philosophy lived and died in the claws of the Revolution as it become more and more vicious. Alexander Robespierre gone from a anti capital punishment lawyer to the most bloody tyrant in the Reign of Terror! Mary Antoinette was abused and accused without proof of pedophilia with her own baby child. And was executed by a mob while one of her sons, Gagné was killed leading a suicide charge with his friends at the National guard, while her other child Jean Almicar was abandoned to starve in the streets of paris.

Imagine being able to influence their fates! Or interact with people like Marat, Desmolins, Lavoisier, Dalton, Lafayette, or even Napoleon himself! Just think about that! (Also there are the ones who probably have a crush on Charlotte Corday or Alexander Robespierre.)

But I am really enjoyed this game as an interactive experience! Even if not always the characters’ fates are clear. I got my own head canon thanks for the vague way the time seems to flow in-game. Sometimes is almost as if we are playing a memento.


is there a title that can be obtained that is higher than “director of great britain Gen.dDiv” ?. I tried this with an itinerant background by working in the revolution army and helped vervaise to get seats in government

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That’s pretty good!

Yes, Division General is the highest military rank. You could also become the full leader of France, whatever that might be called in the governmental structure it ends up with; that’s arguably roughly the same level. It might be easier or harder than conquering and ruling another country like this, depending on whether you’ve focused on politics or military in your playthrough.

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