Reverse raising sim


You see raising sims commonly in VN of the Otome and bishojo genre. The Classic Example are Princess/Prince Maker Cute knight etc. Your normal in the roles of Mistress/Master teacher surrogate parent etc. U controllers that stats through schedule. Which in turn affect their personalities and how they interact with you and Society. Leading down the different professions once they come of age. So I’m wondering how can you protray the verse of the postion where you are the student/ Apprentice.


Well you’re not really raising anything then, are you? Hence, can’t really be called a raising sim.


reverse raising sim waa best I could think of. So your teacher like figure have control over schedule and each stats raising exercise if you do well can unlock free time in allowing to refine yourself, explore the said city or cultivate your relationship with others.


I thought in Cute Knight you do actually play the girl, and not just some spirit raising her.

Still I think it’d be lots of fun to play a person being raised and trying to decide whether to go along with it or not, or whether to rebel instead. And to call them on how awful it is if they decide to romance us. Or change chest size. Or control every aspect of our life.


Yes! Deconstruct the raising sim! Like Slave Maker but not porn! Please! Heck yeah.


And the exploitation of forcing us to work, while they sit around all day meticulously planning our life. That’s so extremely creepy. They should get a job themselves instead of micromanaging our life!


At least in Prince Maker this is explained as you live off veteran’s benefits, and everything left over plus your salary for being a royal caretaker goes into your funds. 5 does something similar.

Princess Maker 1, 2 or 4? Hah! Your child is your only source of income! Please read this. It takes itself about as seriously as one should playing these kinds of games.


look hysterical but I’m equally scared. The idea would be the teacher figure we’ll have a randomly-generated personality. Can you if you happen traits they find attractive. A perfectly reasonable option to run out in fear.


I vaguely remember a REALLY old WIP (Children of Iseir, I think it’s called?) where you play as a fresh-as-fresh-can-be newborn with parents and an older brother and sister. Probably not what y’all had in mind with playing a reverse-sim, but it’s probably the closest the website had a WIP that attempted this.

That said, I admit I enjoy the idea of a deconstruction/parody of the raising sim genre. "I’ll have you know that my (secretly) divine child also happens to be my caretaker, as it’s a convenient veteran’s benefit. And it’s also okay that I raised my daughter to be evil. What, you raised you daughter to be a queen? Screw that, I raised my girl to kill the Devil and take the spot for herself! That takes some effort right there!"


There’s a game called Long Live the Queen where you are a 14-year-old girl who’s inherited a queendom from her recently-dead mother. Your goal is to avoid dying before your 15th birthday (your official coronation date), and you have to build various skills in order to survive. There’s several ways to win, and a lot of ways to die - your challenge is to figure out which skills you’ll need to pass various trials (because you can’t raise them all to 100 without cheat codes) and build them up in time. Also, like all women of royal blood, you are a magical girl, but this has been hidden from you up to now because everyone thought you were too young to handle such phenomenal cosmic power. Will you prove them wrong? (Probably not.) It’s a great game and I can’t recommend it enough.


I don’t like it’s method of ‘raising’ which is just going and hitting the right buttons in the right order, rather than any kind of organic growth, but that’s just IMO.


The game Spirited Heart comes to mind. A Little Lily Princess sorta like long live the queen. Cute Knight Kingdom your queenliness can become a hero, discover her origins or become an evil warlord which I always do.


Well, the stat-raising speed is impacted by the mood of your character (for instance, being Angry will give a bonus to raising your Weapons and Military skills, but a penalty to your Royal Demeanor, Expression, Animal Handling and Intellectual Skills), which is itself determined by your weekend activity choices and various weekly events. I’d say that’s pretty “organic,” though I kinda understand why you disagree.


Word to the wise about Spirited Heart: only the Girl’s Love arcs are any good. The straight relationships were written by the main developer before he realized he can’t write interesting relationships, and they’re all bland and boring. The lesbian relationships were written by a third party, and they have better writing and more interesting stakes (For example: “Can you save this heiress from a loveless arranged marriage?” versus “Can you get your boss to date you?”)


If by great you mean traumatizing! How many ways can the poor girl die :smiley:


Seventeen distinct ways. :imp:


I really like the idea, it’s just a matter of pulling it off. A lot of dating sims are stat-raising games, which is essentially self-raising, but I haven’t ever seen a game with an AI/NPC raising the player. Having done a little bit of code-work for the skeleton of a raising sim, I want to caution: proceedural randomization is a lot of work to code. But I also think it has a lot of potential, done right. It would get some flak in the setup stages, probably, because it’s not what folks are used to, but pull it off and it’ll be a feature, not a setback.


If it was going to do it I would divide three parts the first part would be being raised. And responding to the situations that mentor/teacher figure put you in. The middle part would be the adventure The Journey establishing yourself. And the third most part would be managing whatever Authority or responsibility you have invested in you then raising your student/ward/ apprentice. Now the whole game could be a giant Deconstruction. Or you can make it believable by basing it off the European guild system.


I’d only be excited for it if it was a deconstruction, really. Everything else has been done better by people with bigger budgets or more flexible mediums.


From someone who has written bare-bones code for a raising sim… you’re probably going to bite off more than you can chew if you want to proceedurally code both being raised, and raising. Such things have a way of going exponential in code arrays. If it’s an idea you want to pursue, break it into at least two games, I’d advise. Start with the idea of just being raised, or raising, and see if you can manage the code for it. When that gets finished, if you want to push forward, go ahead and push forward. But I have a feeling trying to setup the randomization and consequences in script will give you a sense of how much would be possible, and what wouldn’t be.

To note: My concerns aren’t so much about the concept- let it fly, I’d try it. It’s the authorial work involved in proceedural content. Something I’ve worked with trying to script in multiple experiments, and it tends to become complicated even with careful management.