Reusable Name Choices?

This is something that I think I may have seen in a few other games, but most notably the Lost Heir series utilizes this tactic in particular and I can’t quite for the life of me figure this out.
In The Lost Heir you’re able to choose from a list of names, as in most games, but if you don’t like the choices there is a "That’s Not My Name’ option and it gives you a set a new names, but also utilizes some of the aforementioned names.

I’d like to offer a a fair amount of choices for players and this way seems less cluttered than just having a long list.
How would the coding for it be done?

Is it something like

*set Nameid “Manu”
*set Nameid “Keo”
#None of these are my name!
#None of these are my name!

Because if so that seems a little tedious coding wise.
I has thinking maybe the allow_reuse function would be used?
I’m just not sure I would have to go about doing this.

Could anyone help me?

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If you want to store the player’s name in the variable called Nameid, then I would just use the input text command.

If you have to compare whether a new name is the same as the first name, and you don’t want the names to be the exact same, you can just compare variables.

For example… You have 2 characters who cannot be named the same thing.
So the variable for the 1st character would be Nameid and the second character could be Nameid2.

When you’re doing the second name, you just have to compare Nameid to Nameid2 and if they are equal, then go back to the prompt again asking the player to enter a different name.

So, from my understanding, you’re referring to a system called “name generator,” right?

Well, with the use of *rand and several conditional-check commands, you can easily create your own generator. Easier to said than to be done, tho.

But as @Carlos.R mentioned, the player can choose to create their own name using *input_text command (IIRC)

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I think I found the “name generator” thread:

And the work done by @fantom


Yes! Thank you! This exactly what I was looking for!
I thought *rand was used strictly for numerical values, I didn’t know you could add text options to that.
I don’t think I would have gotten this without help, that’s quite a bit of coding!
I’ll have to fiddle with it just a bit more to match up the variables I’m using but this is exactly right!

I’m definitely going to include the input_text option
But it was more the randomly generated names and option to generate more that I couldn’t figure out.
Thank you, both!