Rent-a-Vice — What doesn’t kill you…kills someone else

The games setting and the ideas the author had were intresting and well made but I think that he/she failed at making your MC feel needed in the story. I never once in the story felt that my MC brought something new to the table. The MC was just a means to convey the story.


It’s very good - explores addiction and exploitation in a futuristic noir setting, with a strong main character at its core. Really good writing. I’d recommend taking a look at the demo and seeing what you think.

(Old, though? It’s only been out two and a half weeks!)


Haven’t read it yet, but you can always go on the app store and check the reviews there. :blush:

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…No. Personally, not really. And I bought it while it was on sale during the first week.


I quite liked it, I enjoyed the story and for me it was easy to get in character. However it might not be that easy for everyone. The game relies a lot on stat choices and it was too much ‘pick a side’ for me. Played it once and it really left an impression but I do not feel like replaying it anytime soon. Maybe in a few months or so. It’s not really replay worthy in my opinion. Like the others said, play the demo and see if you want to continue or not.


It looks really interesting; thanks for letting us know!

I have to agree. I stopped reading after Mike killed himself because I wasn’t able to save him. I couldn’t take it. I mean I think I was warned enough or rather maybe I was too excited? That I overlooked the trigger warnings, but the content was rather triggering… On the plus side, I want to commend the originality and the written work itself. It’s my first time encountering such and I thought this would be the usual, but no. It’s dark and disturbing and scary and I think the way you wrote it captured the essense of it. I mean, I still bought it anyway, but I couldn’t finish it.

Can someone please tell me how to romance Doug and Mike? I have no idea and always end up either dead or alone :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to update this so I can use they/them pronouns for myself? Those are my pronouns and while I don’t self insert in games I’m most comfortable using they/them for all my characters

Personally I don’t really get the hype about this game, and it’s nothing to do with its age. I bought it a while back and only just got around to playing it, but I bought it because of being interested in the premise, and the fact that it won the award made me think it must be something pretty special, but I found it pretty dang underwhelming. Very average.

Incredibly short, and yes, to me it did feel rushed even for its length - particularly the relationships. I’d have either preferred they forget the relationships altogether and make the game itself a bit longer and more exciting, or spend a bit more time in making the relationships feel meaningful rather than kind of flat and shoehorned in. The main story was just ‘okay’; pretty unexciting, and never really made me feel like my character was anything special. By that I mean, it would have been nice if the MC could really feel like a cut above the rest in intelligence/deductive skills, especially if they were eventually to be branded “the greatest PI in the city”. Funny! But I guess it must be a pretty small city, or the standard is just incredibly low.

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