Ren'Py role-playing games


Hello guys, the other day I stumbled upon an absolutely unimaginable game on steam - Shigatari. About the path of bushido, narrating about the samurai in the Edo era. History develops completely spontaneously, but it captures from the very first seconds. There is a ramified system of morality and a multivariate outcome, as well as a way forward in history.

Soon i learned that it was written on the Ren’Py engine. Can anyone advise worthy games with great variation of choices written on such engine?


There’s a huge index of games for Ren’Py here:

I know I’ve enjoyed a fair number, and found some of them through there. Some VNs are hard to recommend on these forums, as their content can often verge on the explicit (in one way or another). Though many are well worth playing.

There’s also an increasing number of Ren’Py VNs on steam, including traditional/translated anime, like Clannad. So that’s also worth a browse :slight_smile:


When do you find the time to read. I know you are as crazy busy as myself. :wink: