Relics of the Lost Age (WIP) - Submitted, demo removed

In an unfortunate bit of news, it appears Dr. Henry Jones has died. RIP, Sean Connery.


So long Draco!

Still patiently waiting… :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:

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I have a rough date, but it isn’t confirmed yet so I’d better not announce anything!




So I did suggest that there might be a WIP thread for the sequel by mid-November. Sorry, that ain’t happening! BUT I did just finish a clear path through Chapter 1 (though I still have an optional scene to add featuring the return of a certain villain from the first book…), so I’m hoping for maybe late November or early December? Apologies for my inadequate productivity. But it is still progressing!


Ooh it’s still good… Lol wonder if it’d be available by Dec 7. :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: It will definitely be an amazing b’day gift :kissing_cat::heart_eyes_cat::yum:

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OK, you’ve just given me a deadline! December 7th it is! (Thanks, that will actually help with productivity!)


@Schliemannsghost G’Luck and take care of yourself too :roll_eyes::neutral_face::expressionless:

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I’m estimating about a week before the release of the sequel WIP thread. And now, to help with the wait, it’s time for your final sneak peak, this time from Chapter 2! A new faction emerges …


That’s freaking awesome, so far my favorite WiP of the year and a played a ton of it so can not wait for the sequel. Regarding the RO’s of the last game, do we get to explore those characters further in this sequel or are there new characters in the mix? How much do our decision in the last game effect the sequel? Again very excited for this :3


Great, thank you for your kind words, and I’m really happy you enjoyed the old WIP!

On the RO front, you will have a few options. You get to choose whether or not you have continued your relationship from the first game, or whether you and your RO have split up. If you have continued your relationship, you can continue to pursue it in Book 2, and bring your significant other with you as a full-time companion in the second game. Alternatively, you can go into the second book single, in which case there will be new ROs available for you to meet.

Also, lots of decisions from Book 1 will come back to haunt you in Book 2! In fact, it’s getting quite difficult for me already to keep track of them all, and I’m only at the start! But you’ll meet lots of familiar characters from Book 1, there’ll be lots of callbacks, as well as consequences from the “end-state” of the first book.


Oh yes!


Mark tomorrow’s date in your diaries. Today I finished the draft of the first demo, which comprises the Prologue and the first two chapters. It’s currently at a little over 60k words. I also proof-read it, and began testing. I’ll be doing further testing but, all being well, at some point TOMORROW the demo will be going live and the WIP thread will be going up. Hold onto your archaeologists’ fedoras, Dr. Spillane is back!


Man I enjoyed the first demo and from what I’ve seen, this one is gonna definitely be an interesting

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Woohoooo, now that is worth to thank for! I’m so happy we’ll meet Spillane again!


The new WIP thread has gone live. You can find it here:

Relics 2 Wip Thread

Have fun everyone!

@Eiwynn (or another kind Mod). Please could you close this thread down now, so we can migrate over to the sequel thread? Thank you!