Reigns: Her Majesty

Has anyone else played this? It’s a really fascinating and oddly addicting piece of interactive fiction. I like the consistent mechanics and use of randomness, and the “meta-storyline” that’s gradually revealed. It’s a lot weirder than it seems at first.


I’ve only played the original not this one. But the original was a lot of fun.

I liked the original but now I see too many games using this concept. I saw a post apocalyptic sci-fi one and another one where you have a normal life (and some other game I forgot), all using this swipe concept where you need to balance your stats or you die.

I absolutely love it! I played very few games last year, but I managed to get hold of this one. Really addictive, and I love the sly humour of the whole thing.

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I found a very long Let’s Play. It starts around 37:10

It sounded like it made you marry a guy so I had to pass on it, shame too since it sounded interesting :disappointed:

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I think you’re married from the start but it doesn’t mean you can’t get with ladies.

Being married to a man at all is not something I’m willing to endure :unamused:

I’ve played a game with the same mechanics and I found pretty cool, despite the stress I got for something always goes wrong. So I will give a chance to this and try it.

later on you can kill your husband (or encourage him to go hunting in which case he might die) and rule alone :smiley:

also there are at least three women you could have relationships with… and one “gal pal” (not that relationships really mean much in this game but there are a few special events).


There’s a new Reigns

Its a Game of Thrones version

Yeesh, no thank you. I’m a bit sick of corporate tie ins ever since the whole Telltale fiasco.