Redemption of the Damned (WIP) [Update 12/7]

I’ve begun work on my new game Redemption of the Damned. In it, you play as an ex-outlaw tasked to find the whereabouts of the kidnapped prince/ss of the Esreyla Kingdom.

A short summary:

The princess have been kidnapped! But the knights are not the ones who will be rescuing her this time! As an ex-criminal, you are tasked to save the princess and bring her back safely to the kingdom in exchange of clearing your name from all the crimes you have committed. But you are not alone, as your old comrades are there to help you for old time sake.
Journey around the Esreyla Kingdom as you search for clues on where the princess is. Will you become a changed man, helping those in need, or will you go back to the outlaw you were, killing, stealing and cause chaos across the land?

I plan on updating every few weeks. Currently, I have finished the following scenes:
-the introduction and character customization scene

To play the demo, go here:

<Update 12/7 Finished the intro scene>

I will be frequently updating this post, so feel free to bookmark it and check it once in a while.

If you have any suggestion or critiques, feel free to message me. I’m not that good at English, so a grammar correction is appreciated.


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