Red String of Fates (WIP) Demo

So I can take this as, you like ivorry that she threaten you this way? :rofl: :joy: is it? But yeah, it will be scary if this happens in the real life. :sweat_smile:

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@Lyn_naly i dont thing the personality stat is working properly. from the last time i saw your game it was working. i think it was during the during the market scene where oyu can choose to help the old man or not.

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Don’t know if this was fixed yet cause I forgot to report it earlier but the scene where your watching the grandpa get beat in market place in the morning is repeated


Yes the stat haven’t been apply. I think i’m gonna apply it in the next chapter. For all choices. Thank you for letting me know. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes, it already fixed


Hi :wave:, I’m here to inform you guys that I’ve made a brand new cover for RSoF! :tada: :tada:

Red String of Fates (RSoF),
the demo of the new upcoming interactive fiction game.
Genre: (Fantasy, Romance, Adventure)
Cover reveal!
Play in a world where humans keep blind eyes just like...

Other than that, I also share some Patreon content there. I can’t post it on my first post so I post it here :sweat_smile: I hope you like the new cover!


@Lyn_naly my autosave dont want to load

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I’ve been looking into this because the save feature implemented by the dashigon. so I reduce it, to make it less loading. let me know if this work. if it’s not, then I’ll delete the saving feature. :blush: have a good day

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i tried same result

What era is this as I‘am confused by chocolates and cars

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It still doesn’t work? I’ll delete the save function then so it won’t be a hinder.

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It was early modern era, the car means automobile car (the old car), and chocolate is already invented in here.

Sorry about this. I’ll correct it later.


Thx and by early modern kinda late napoleonic or early victorian which would be 18-19th century or the more cultural post war era can‘t see how it would be the latter but better ask to be safe

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Hi everyone, I have a great news! Tomorrow I’ll officially release the chapter 3 demo! :tada: :tada: Stay tuned for tomorrow! :star_struck:


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Looking forward to the release of ch 3 & hopefully eventually the game


Ngl I disliked Ivorry, besides that, I liked the demo so far, and I hope we change some rules about magic, by force, that would’ve been badass.


Gone through the updates demo,and it was good work indeed. But please try to add a save system in the demo

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Hello everyone, I’m happy to tell you that I have officially released the chapter 3 demo!

What change?

  • the stat calculation is fully implemented
  • adding art for stat menu
  • adding chapter header
  • adding 1 secret ending (which is not a happy ending)
  • few options and narrative are now locked based on your stat and choices
  • adding summary on stat menu
  • it may take a few seconds to load up the page with art on it. (I still figuring out how to make it less heavy… :sweat_smile: :cry:)

For some people who want to know, here is a little Q & A for you guys…

  1. 'Is this the last chapter for the demo version? The answer is No, I still have 1 more chapter (chapter 4) for the demo. After that, yes I’ll be working on chapter 5 and so on for the real game. If I’m not posting here, don’t worry I’ll be posting on my Tumblr & Patreon.

  2. ‘Why is it took so long to write a chapter?’ I’m really sorry if I makes you wait for a long time. Yes, I still have things to do in my daily life and this is just a side hobby of mine. I really hope I deliver my story right, and you like them as much as I love writing them.

There is also a mistake, the word count I write before is wrong, Yikes. I misread the word count and put the word count from the other one… my mistake, I’ll change it later.

Also lastly, there may be some triggering scenes from chapter 3. I hope no one is affected by this since this is just fiction.

That’s it from me, I hope you enjoy it~


Thank you for your support :grin: I’m glad you like the story so far.