Recommending The Yawhg

Do you guys know this one? It’s a -kind- of interactive fiction. Where you visit a number of locations, each housing random events with decision points. These are affected by your character stats, and raise or lower them, influencing the ultimate ending. And certain events unlock other possible events, like if you plant a seed in the garden maybe you can find a beanstalk there later.

What is truly unique about it (aside from the beautiful illustrations and music) is you can (and should, really), play it as a sort of party game, with up to four people controlling a different character in turns.

A playthrough can last half an hour, and you start seeing the same random events after only a few playthroughs, but it’s still an awesome game with lots to discover that I greatly recommend. (Great art and music, too!)

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The Yhawg is a lot of fun and as you say, definitely best as a group game. I’ve watched a few youtube lets plays (which I wouldn’t do until after you’ve played it) and some of the more… bizarre… results they got had me laughing.