Recommended WIP's: Consolidation Thread

Thanks for including Shepherds of Haven on your lists, @2xs and @ApplePi! I’m honored! :blush: I hope to have more up soon!


Thank you for the mention @2xs.

My favourites would be (in no particular order)

And many, many more. Will have to do some digging to uncover them.


Wow, thank you! :heart::heart: and you, @2xs :heart::heart:

Definitely the motivation I need to keep powering through the code.

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Well, this obviously depends on individual preference. So, I’m not sure I should call them as 'BEST WIP’s in the forum, but here is the list of those I have read and totally loved:

  1. Breach: The Archangel Job by @MichaelMaxwell
    Life (and death?) of a double agent.

  2. Blood Hunter by @Interestedparty
    Story of a Nise guy, who is not so nice.

  3. Through Broken Lenses, also by @Interestedparty.
    Every psychopath life counts.

  4. Becoming Guardian by @Latraytray
    How good are you at babysitting? Especially if it’s not your own?

  5. Model Citizen : Unmasked by @RenaB
    Angsty, emotional, conflicting story with a supernatural theme. Period.

  6. The Shadow Society by @Carawen
    Your life is not your own. Deal with it, and also with the shadows who come as bonus problems.

  7. Shepherds of Haven by @rinari
    A story of flight, fright, fight and of shaping Your Own destiny.

  8. The Aegis Project by @Scribblesome
    You’re Agent 180. A past trauma still haunts you in your nightmares. Add to that, an Angel is keeping an eye on you, but they are not exactly the Guardian angel type.

  9. Warlock City by @Revache.
    A warlock with a familiar. Kind of a loose cannon. Yes, we are talking about you.
    Special mention : Kriotopia. The name is the best description available. Period.

I’m sure there are many more which I am yet to read. But as of now, these are the WIPs which impressed me.

EDIT: I forgot about these two wonderful WIPs, and I am really sorry. United We Stand by Alex Clifford and Children of God by Rohie are also great, and I am sure they are going to be huge success when they finally come out.


Oh, wow, thanks for them mention @CalcuttaCalling! :heart: This absolutely means a lot.

… And not exactly the death of one, because that path isn’t exactly done yet, but thank you anyway! :blush:


Thank you @ApplePi ;_;

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Thanks @ApplePi! :blush:

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Goodness, what an honor! Thank you so much, wow!!! < 3

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  1. The Unwanted Warrior
    The story of a bastard aka the black sheep of the family. The characters are well written, and the story is absorbing.

  2. BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller
    The story of a double agent. The characters are interesting and concept is good.

  3. Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes
    The story of a Prince. The game is beautifully written.


Aaa, thank you so much @CalcuttaCalling and @kirakana! I’m so happy you enjoy it! :smile:

I’m so behind on all the amazing WiPs out there, I need to check out more of them!

A couple that I do check (and love) regularly, however, are:

Curious Cuisine by @MeltingPenguins
Reports from Philomena by @Leem
Diaspora by @Jaybirdy
Fox of Sunholt by @smod
and Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil by @Dae-kalina


@2xs @Chopper omg ;v; this kills the Leem (in a good way!!) Thank you so much!!

And @RenaB stop being such a nice and supportive friend!!! It’s making me blush!!! :V


My personal favs that I’ve found are ( Not in any order)

  1. The Fox of Sunholt by @smod
  2. A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods by @Oli_C
  3. Warlock City by @Revache
  4. Curse of the Spirit by @aequa

It appears I’ve been sleeping on Fox of Sunholt. Will have to check it out.


Oooh there’s so many fantasic WIPs! I couldn’t possibly name them all :cry:
In no particular order:

I’m sure there are many more


That’s 9 mentions now :open_mouth: I love you all.


Wow, both my games ended up on someone’s top 9 list. I feel so blessed.

And someone else’s list?!
Finally! After years of being told “you’re no good,” I’m finally good! The internet said so!


Oh god, I’ve been a bit of a bum about playing WIP’s lately, but…(no real order, I like them all)

  • The Enchanter’s Misery
  • Fox of Sunholt
  • Warlock City

L-like I said, I’ve been really lazy lately…:disappointed_relieved:



Well I’m certain you’ve been good all along and people have either either been liars or simply unaware of your talent.

…The internet says so :grin:

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(Not in any particular order)

  • Through Broken Lenses
  • The Mortal Hero : Patron of Gods
  • Thousand Miles of Sky
  • The Shadow Society
  • Fox of Sunholt
  • Mass Mother Murderer
  • The Enchanter’s Misery
  • Birth of a Hero
  • Hero Not Hero
  • SoS : The Mortal Coil
  • Reports from Philomena
  • Curse of a Spirit (sowwy, dang! How did I forget this awesome game!!! :flushed:)

And finally my eternal love

  • From Ashes We Rise

My favorites :heart: