Recommend artists for new authors

I thought it necessary to create a central thread where hosted game or choice of games authors recommend illustrators they have worked with in the past that could help new authors or current authors.
I will edit this post with a list of mentioned or recommend artists as well (if available) their website or contact information.

•Ann-christine Pagoda (Recommend by: Havenston author of “Choice of Rebels”)

•Anna Pazyniuk (Recommend by: Havenstone author of “Choice of Rebels”)

•Claudia McKinney (Recommend by: Carlos Romero author of “Missing Wings”)


I moved this to the “Professional Services” category.


Well, I can recommend Ann-Christin Pagoda, who did the art for XoR:

But I’d also warmly recommend Anndr, whose commissioned fan art for XoR is also lovely:


I’d like to formally recommend Phatpuppy Art Studios.
Their work speaks for itself.

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