Raven's Flight (very early WIP) [26 September 2020] - Tumblr is up!

I’ve been working on Raven’s interogation scenes with Team Alpha. Now I have two questions for you:

  1. As Raven, which team member would you choose for questioning?

  2. What kind of questions you would ask?

  1. Captain A because they are the leader and it wouldn’t be appropriate to have them be interrogated by someone of lesser position(also i may have kinks for A)

  2. Guess some basic line of question like who’s to blame? why have you done it? why did they venture beyond mission parameters etc…

Found some coding issues

Popped up for the first choice - “Look around the room.”

Occurred on the last choice - “Proceed to the questioning.” I opened the demo to check which questions you already had, so was this one intentional?

  1. I would also choose Captain A, since they are the leader and ultimately make the decisions for the team. They’re also the most likely to notice if something was off about one of their team members and seem to share a stable link with the rest of the team. (Not because I have a thing for A XD )

  2. I agree with what Aleksa100 said and the line of questioning I’ve seen in HS - “Who made the decision to move beyond the set parameters? Why? Were there any other alternative methods that could have been taken?” etc. Wouldn’t immediately ask a question that puts the blame on a specific person, unless that can be a choice for the Straight-Arrow stat? I just feel a question that places the blame (at least this early) might cause the interrogated to become defensive or anxious and therefore be less effective in procuring more information.

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I’ve recently gotten into this story and I’m loving it so far! The demo was short, so I’m thankful that I’ll be able to be involved from the early stages of the story. Now, I’ve just got Hunter’s Sacrifice and the Tumblr blog to catch up on!

I would choose Captain A for questioning too. Being the leader and the decision-maker, and the one responsible for the team, it’s only right that she be the one to be questioned.

Possibly some that would effectively further the investigation, while also not being outright demanding or hostile. This is a little difficult for me to answer since I would prefer improvising rather than planning questions beforehand, but I would start with basic condolences and say “Tell me what happened, in detail”; and continue from there.

  1. As Raven I would choose Captain B team I feel like outside interference come into play why someone die in Captain A team.

2.I would pick the weakness of them and scary them out of there pants.

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  1. I’d pick Captain A, because leader, Then Zero because he is the newest in the bunch. If I had to pick only one, it’d be Zero. The rest might be loyal to the captain or team but a new member perspective will be more interesting and would reveal dysfunctions.
  2. Questions for A would be the routine ones, already stated. Why, how, when. For Zero I’d ask if anything seemed out of parameters, if it was discussed beforehand on how it should go, if the team seemed on board, if there were disputes among them or not, if anyone seemed reluctant to follow A. Basically try to figure out if this was somehow planned - leaving the parameter, not the death - and what they expected out of this.

I love the idea of it but will the RO’s and other characters be given proper names?

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First of all, thank you @Aleksa100, @LauraSikdar, @soprano, @howlin_drak and @sidonh for your suggestions.

Good to know :upside_down_face:

@LauraSikdar Found and fixed the code. Thanks!

Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad that the length of the demo wasn’t too off putting.

Brilliant idea! After you finish questioning Team Alpha, you will be now able to interrogate captain B as well.

This makes sense. A and Zero it is.

@wolf666 Hi! I’m glad you liked the story.

Well, no not really. You will be able to choose the name for the MC (hopefully soon), but the names for the rest of the cast will stay as they are.

The only exception will be the character you are the closest to - you will get a chance to learn their name by performing a naming ritual together.

I realize that this might be confusing, but the naming system is an established part of the story’s culture.

Longer explanation on names (copied from Hunter's Sacrifice)

A name is a (more or less) unique title given to a person and can to an extent define said person as a “Mary” or “John”, which goes against the Society’s values; as the Society promotes collectivism versus individuality. If a person desires to take on a name, this translates to “I don’t want to be just a part of many. I want to be my own person.” A dangerous line of thinking from the Society’s perspective.

Numbers on the other hand are extremely impersonal and hold no other significance than to reflect one’s current position. A person can be Zero of Unit A, but that title only means they are the lowest-ranked member of that particular team.

Owning a name is actually considered a privilege, granted to the higher ranks (MC, for example, is one of such people).


Personally, I would question Twelve. As second-in-command, it would make sense to get their opinion. Plus, they seem to be a bit easier to crack than A would be, and are the next highest-ranking member. Also Hunter One, though that seems to already be an option!

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So far it seems really fun and interesting. Great concept, name, characters…can’t wait for more!

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Ok, this may be on here somewhere so I apologize if this is a repeat comment…I believe I played this demo before your other one. I am female, so I played both as a female, and enjoyed (esp this one) IMMENSELY…loving how i got to sort of be involved/see both sides of an event (my fav X FILES ep is the one where Mulder and Scully both recount the same Vampire tale in different ways per theor own perspectives and it reminded me of that) BUT I chose to interrogate myself basically and the sex changed to male…does that make sense? I am not sure how to word it properly. I played both games as a female but in my interrogation they switched my Alpha A to a male in the game where I wasnt her? I am confusing myself. I really like thus concept, just wondering if I did something wrong or if since these games are joined, if the stories can be joined as well?

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@Isabella_Taylor Hm, Twelve might seem easier to crack than A, but she is stubborn as hell. Good suggestion though! Will certainly add her in.

@crab Thank you! It’s always nice to hear people enjoyed the story :slight_smile:

@Jender This might be a bit long, but hopefully it will clarify things.

Raven’s Flight and Hunter’s Sacrifice share the world, characters and (sort of) plot. In both stories, you as get to determine MC’s gender as well as the gender for some of the ROs. So it can happen that your Raven is female in Raven’s Flight, but not in Hunter’s Sacrifice. The same applies for captain A.

In Raven’s Flight, you get to choose both Raven’s and Captain A’s gender at some point.

In Hunter’s Sacrifice you get to choose Captain A’s gender, while Raven’s gender is determined by another factor that I won’t mention because of spoilers. Good catch on your side!

So, no you didn’t do anything wrong. Just stumbled on a difference between HS and RF. It shows that initially I wasn’t planning on writing Raven’s Flight, hence the confusion.

A valid question/suggestion. Allowing the player to insert the MC from Hunter’s Sacrifice into Raven’s Flight and vise versa would make for an interesting development. Though I would need to figure out how to go about this.

For now, I could let people choose both A’s and Raven’s gender in both stories. Would that help?

Anyway, thank you for bringing this up to my attention AND for giving both Raven’s Flight and Hunter’s Sacrifice a try!


Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply! I really am enjoying your games :heart:


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So can i play as a full on dictator when i gain power.