RATiO: The Seraphica -- LAST UPDATED: 6/22/18 (WIP)



Okay two errors i think not too sure but i thought i might mention it.

First one is the game acting like i shot Sabrina when all i did was say HALT OR I’LL SHOOT! On the bright side Jamie was around to patch things up er… Like she medicated Sab I mean.

Second for some reason the game didn’t actually restart when I clicked it. Like the traits i picked went over on the new game while it wasn’t really a big deal (I liked the idea of also being bruised right at the start and even if i wanted to save Nene, i liked the traits i had)


Definitely! I’m actually working on it right now. Trying to find a way to give enough detail without spoiling anything.

For wraith on the codex you’d have needed to pick it.

There is no way Nena will “live”, but you can kill her in a much kinder way if you have clairvoyance or empathy.

In order to exorcise her you need intellect being your main stat.

I’ll look into those stat! Hrm, I wonder why it didn’t restart. Did you hit the restart up at the top or complete the game and restart that way?


Okay so i had empathy, quick-witted primary, perception secondary so the exorsism and doing it in a kind way if you count her saying “Thank you” as a good thing.

I played the game and restarted that way. So i guess i have to click the “Restart” Button or exit the game to actually get back to scratch (tested the exiting thing not sure about the restart though.)


Your and you’re interchanges mostly. The She to He change that was mentioned previously in regards to Jaime being a woman happened to me as well.


That actually happened to me as well.

Speaking of…

I put “I had a more unrefined taste back then” I honestly picked that as a joking thing. I DIDNT WANT Jamie to you know think that I still had a crush on her okay? Anyway its still episode 1 so i’m guessing in episode 2 i can be more specific on my feelings for Sabbie and Jamie?

Also i liked how in my playthrough Sabbie basically went on a Bisexual or lesbian phase… Kinda want to make it a running gag where Jamie and Sabrina ends up in increasingly humorous if not seemingly sexual scenes in at least one episode. My character is basically going to end up as this either incredibly lucky or unlucky bastard.

I’m sorry i’m a dude i like Girl on Girl jokethings!


This game is fantastic! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

@RovePaw There is actually another game with extensive ace stuff in it: Guenevere

Like what @Bloodhawkereaper said, I’m really glad you included a choice to be asexual and still pursue a relationship.

Edit: Oh, and by the way, my dad grew up in Indiana. Whenever I ask him why we never visit his family there, he responds, “It’s cold there, why on earth would we go back?”


I tried to look up what each sexuality/gender entailed so I could get it right. ^-^. If I miss anything no one be afraid to point it out!

Edit: HA! My mom lived there and said she thought it was too cold as well. I love the cold, so I wanted a place that was frequently cold. It was a really odd reason for the setting, I know. I felt it matched the tone.

Yes, you can have any range of feelings toward Sabrina and Jamie. If you didn’t tell Jamie you still liked him/her you can later.

Jamie isn’t offended by you “more refined tastes” joke, though s/he’ll pretend to be. There is no negative to your relationship with him/her when in the crush scene.

Sabrina is bisexual, so it wasn’t a phase. She has a tendency to become infatuated with things she feels she can’t have though, and you’ll see more of that throughout the game.

No worries, I just fixed this!

Unfortunately not every monster or victim can be saved, especially those far gone.

Luckily the next episode will allow the MC to save the victim

To Everyone


  • Errors regarding starting a new game have been fixed.

  • Added descriptions to the monsters players can choose from.

  • Added to the Jamie’s crush option at the party. (Response changes based on your relationship level).

  • Started on episode two.

  • Fixed the Jamie pronouns and some other typos.

In the works
Over the course of the next episode or two I’ll be determining a way to better weave the character creation in with the main story. For now I won’t undertake it, as it’ll probably take me a good day or two and I don’t have a clear idea of how I want it to look yet.


Hmmm, I like the cold, and I’ve always been fond of the Washington/Oregon area myself. So many pretty mountains and coastlines… Oh, and Montana’s lovely, too. Wild horse country. :slight_smile:

Edit: Does the way the MC perceive his/her power (art, threads, etc) cause any major changes in gameplay, or is it mostly a preference thing?


YES AN UPDATE Okay yeah the episodic thing is definitely my thing… Its like Telltale except TEXT and stuff.


Honestly i am completely okay with this like having Empath should hit my character hard what with him failing to save someone and knowing how they felt (Unless well i did a good job at making them feel happy or something)

TRAUMA GOOD! Putting characters through hell makes the rewards even greater!


I need a little help here.

Ok how do you manage to perform the exorcism? My character had empathy, 20 quickwitted, 10 perception and got 10 resistance during the party. And I just keep dying, no matter what I do. I expected I had to pick the option where I touch her shoulder since that is the empathy option, but I keep dying whenever I get hallucinations. I get to an hallucination, inspect something, get a little bit of a clue, then death. Is it that I need more resistance? Somebody else said they did it with quick-wit as primary and perception as a secondary stat.



Put [spoiler] like this minus the Asterisk[/spoiler]


Okay to be more specific. Grabbing her shoulder is a big no no because from my understanding you have to be gentle or else Wraith takes more control of Nene. Positivity is a really, really good tactic to use with Wraiths from what i can understand. Hope that helps also… Check the Hunter Section. They give out really helpful info.


About the happiness/positive emotions thing, that’s what I thought I did with the “touching her shoulder” section and is generel the thing I tried to do. So far trying to keep helping her because you believe Nena’s still in there and either “forgiving her because I love her” or asking her “what she did that made her like this” doesn’t work either. I still keep dying.

Btw it’s completely random if Sabrina and Jamie dated right?


It’s mostly flavor, but it does have significance later on. I can’t give away too much about it without spoilers though.

I’ll make sure to add more of this later on! And on my next update I’ll see if I can’t squeeze some of that in.

In order to pass the hallucination scene you need 20 resistance, or have psychic shield, or to have given the seer potion to Jamie or Sabrina or yourself.

The exorcism option is given when when you resist Nena’s magic and have to kill her. You have to have 20 quit-wit and rank 1 authoritative, persuasive, or intimidating.

@DisturbedOne is correct when they say giving Nena negative emotions or memories doesn’t help you. Wraiths are weak against positive emotions and light.

No matter what Nena will put you in a hallucination.

Yes, it’s a 50/50 chance.


Sabbie and Jamie didn’t date in my playthroughs. Granted Jamie was female…

Did you try to bring both girls? I mean i only remember dying once out of the three times i played…
Oh wait… You said Exorcism… Hmm chances are the author hasn’t written all yet but… You can’t save Nene since the author said she dies… Also did you drink the seer potion? That might be why you keep on dying. Your willpower is 0 so you can’t really uh beat a being who is big on the whole mental thing.


Now I got it to work. by using the mental shield ability, when I give the seer potion to one of the others they both just outright kill Nena with a firepoker to the face :frowning: .

Btw I don’t know if this is on purpose but when I haven’t chosen resistance and pick the “I understand Sabrinas fascination” when talking with Abott it raises it with 10, but if I already have 10 in it, it only raises it with 9. Is that system on purpose?

Also thanks for the help. ^^


Whoa wait there are choice games where certain things are randomized and not by particular choices?! Whoa that is a first… Granted All three games of mine had Jamie not dating Sabbie… Hmmm though she was female and she liked someone else… Maybe its a gender thing too…


@Ventura It was not on purpose! But it’s fixed now. Thanks for the catch!

It has nothing to do with gender. It’s a 50/50 chance they’ll date or Jamie will say s/he likes someone else. :smile:


I love the game so far especially how detailed the monster descriptions are in the codex. I hope wendigos play a big part too since they’re my favorite monster and they’re very downplayed in alot of stuff nowadays. I loved the full codex for wendigos too its very descriptive and detailed on their abilities like moving silently super speed strength and durability to everything other than fire. keep up the good work


So, whenever I choose Kitsune as one of the creatures to study, it doesn’t show up in the codex.

Edit: Oh, and the highest score I got with Jamie was 74. That was after the MC had a crush on him as a kid, told him about it at the party, told him she still liked him, brought him to Nena’s, and told him about her power.

Edit 2: Is it possible for the MC to tell Jamie she wants him for breakfast in a flirty way? He always interprets it as cannibalism. :frowning: