Rank/Title Systems


I don’t know how to create a rank or title script.
I took a look at the Choice of Broadsides title script but it didn’t solve my problem.
Just want to make a title screen.
As the game goes on, the player can earn titles because of their choices.
I dont know how to create this in stats.txt scene and also add it to mygame.js folder.
Thanks to all!


I’m sorry, but can you clarify what you’re asking, as I’m having trouble understanding what exactly you want.

Yes your right.
I’m not an English person so my English is not good enough for detailed conversations.

I’m too hasty about learning ChoiceScript because I have a limited time to make my game. But my first problem solved. Let me ask you another thing.

I’m trying to program the “name choose” system.
In the beginning of the game, I will give lots of names to the player to choose.
For example:

Choose a name


So, every name choice makes differences in the game.
The characters of the game will call the player with different names.
How can I build this thing?
I don’t know what to write to choicescript_stats.txt file.
And also mygame.js file.

If my words are not clear enough, please inform me again, then I will try to explain it again =))
Thank you =)))

Simply create the variable name then use:
*set name “Alice”
(Including the quotation marks)

As for mygame.js, open it with whatever program you’re using to edit the text files (probably notepad), and look at where it lists the scenes and stats. To add a new stat, copy the exact way it lists the stats when inserting a new one at the end of the list. The same goes for new scenes.

As for choicescript_stats.txt, you’ll make it the same way as any other scene. Here (http://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/customizing-the-choicescript-stats-screen/) is the tutorial for it.

Does that make sense to you?

Thanks again, and one more question: I made it! The player can choose his/her name and the stat chart changes. But real problem is, is there any simple code to response that names. I mean like *given_name. For Example

Choose a name:


Lets say you chose Name1
And then, a character comes and says “Greetings Name1”
Whats the code to response that name? Like “Greetings *given_name”

{name} or !{name} (The second capitalizes the first character). So (using Alice as the name):

“Hello, $!{name}.”

will display as:

“Hello, Alice.”

@Mert, I think for what you’re wanting, you’d need to create multiple name variables- in mygame.js like title_1, title_2, first_name, last_name, epithet. (which could be filled in, for example, as Exalted Admiral Quizbi Forubuc White-eye).

Then you could write:

As you enter the room, the mercenaries leap up, saluting and shouting, "$!{title_2}." "$!{title_1} $!{title_2} $!{last_name}," their scarred captain says, one eyebrow raised. "We don't often see such exalted visitors in here." "Call me $!{first_name}," you say to her, sitting down wearily. "Or $!{epithet}, like everyone else does. It's going to be a long war, and there's no time for formalities between us."

which would display as

As you enter the room, the mercenaries leap up, saluting and shouting, “Admiral.”

“Exalted Admiral Forubuc,” their scarred captain says, one eyebrow raised. “We don’t often see such exalted visitors in here.”

“Call me Quizbi,” you say to her, sitting down wearily. “Or White-eye, like everyone else does. It’s going to be a long war, and there’s no time for formalities between us.”

Thanks to all and let me give you my scripts.

choicescript_stats.txt file:

*temp name_change

*if name = 0
__*set name_change “Noname”
__*goto chart
*if name = 1
__*set name_change “Jack”
__*goto chart
*if name = 2
__*set name_change “Jason”
__*goto chart
*if name = 3
__*set name_change “Patrick”
__*goto chart

*label chart

__text name_change Name
__percent Leadership
__opposed_pair Strength
__text Leadership
__text Strength

mygame.js file:

// Specify the default starting stats here

stats = {
____name: 0
____,leadership: 50
____,strength: 50

Here are the scenes:

Choose a name

____*set name 1
____A good name…
____*set name 2
____A good name…
____*set name 3
____A good name…

So, the name choose is finished.
And then a character comes, and speaks your name.

Hello $!{name}!

But the problem is, when the character says “Hello”, the other part of the sentence is like “Hello 1”

I expect sth like Hello Jack, not 1 =))))

Out of curiosity, what do you get if you have the text be, “Hello !{name_change}!", not "Hello {name}!”

And in mygame.js, you can have stats that aren’t numbers. So instead of

____name: 0


____name: “No Name”

and in your game code,

____*set name “Jack”

That way you could do without the name_change variable entirely.

If I have the text “Hello $!{name_change}” the game gives the error “value.charAt is not a function”

So if I make ____name: “No Name” game give the error “No Name is not defined” and then “Script error”

You don’t need to use *temp in choicescript stats

just put

text Name

then in mygame

name: “No name”

then in the game

*set name “Mert”

that should work

it says “no name is not defined” when I put name: “No name” in mygame.js

Ok the problem is the choose name screen.
I use *set name Jack but it says non-existent variable Jack
How can I create this?

It worked ok. It worked. I forgot to type “Jack”.
Thanks to all!