Random Test White Screen

So, I’m trying to test my game as it desperately needs it and it’s getting too big for me to test manually. I’m trying to quicktest it but there’s an increasing indent error for a line that is literally just a space between paragraphs, and I can’t fix it no matter what I do. I remembered reading that quicktest picks up bugs that aren’t actually there, so I wanted to try to run random test. Problem is, every time I upload the files into random test and try to actually run it, it just goes to a white screen in the web browser with nothing on it. I’m assuming I’m missing something in the folder. Can someone tell me what exactly needs to be in a folder for a randomtest to work? I have my scenes, the random test .js and the randomtest html.

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To get rid of the quicktest error, you could try using two *line_breaks that align (in terms of indent) with the rest of the section. I’ve never had this problem before though. I’d be happy to take a look at the code if you copy and paste it with the preformatted text tool here on the forum.

As for randomtest, you may need to download the newest version of choicescript. You could also try downloading CSIDE and testing through that (but in my experience, it was prone to the same problems, so that’s not an automatic fix). If you’re using the latest version, try running fewer iterations of randomtest. I think the default is 10,000, so try 1,000 instead, for example. I’ve had this error in the past as well, and doing that worked for me.

ETA: while you should run random test as part of debugging your game, it’s not a replacement for quicktest. Quicktest and randomtest are designed to find different errors, so ideally you should be running both. In your case, that means figuring out how to get quicktest to leave a paragraph break alone or otherwise finding an error that isn’t obvious


I will give it a try! I actually realized I was editing the wrong page for the error in quicktest. Brain is running at a million miles an hour, so I’m all over the place.


I have a similar issue when running randomtest through the browser. I get a whitescreen as well. Haven’t found a solution to this yet, but I have been able to run it on the command line instead of a browser, and it seems to work fine there. Might be worth a try if you can’t figure something else out.

What browser are you using?

I am currently using google chrome

I will try it out when I get the chance!

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You need safari or firefox for testing. Its cause of a javascript thing iirc.

Also, the newest firefox hid the button to open files directly, so you have to press crtl + o now